what do fish eat

What Do Fish Eat?

What do fish eat? There are thousands of different fishes in the world having different colors, shapes, and sizes. As humans, there is no universal food for the whole fish species.

The eating choice of fish depends upon many factors like the area they are found, their living style, their breeding habits, and their environment. If you categorize fishes into different groups, it is easy to know what fishes eat.

Catfish are omnivorous, and they mostly live in muddy waters, which means they can eat whatever they find in their area. Some fishes feed on different varieties of sea plants and other small invertebrates. There are some fishes which also eats other fish in the sea.

What Do Fish Eat?

If you have a pet like a fish, know their food and any food allergies before buying any fish food. If you buy a portion of food that makes your fish allergic, it can cause health problems. For example, cats are allergic to the Monstera plant.

Different fish like to eat different things, so be careful when feeding the fish. Here is the list of common fish foods commercially available at any pet store.

1. Pelleted Food

What do fish eat? Pelleted fish foods are available in almost every pet section in departmental stores. They can be available in both floating and sinking varieties. This food is manufactured to meet nutritional needs according to the type of fish.

Pellet food is good for larger breeds like groupers, cichlids, Oscars, etc.

2. Flake Food

Flake fish food is available in the market, and it is for all types of fish. There are two types of flake food: marine flake food and tropical. Marine flake food is for saltwater fish diets, while tropical fish are for freshwater fish. Fishes like bettas, goldfish usually like to eat flake food.

You can buy flake food and sprinkle it on the water but be careful and avoid overfeeding your fish.

3. Frozen, Freeze, and Dried Food

Frozen, freeze, and dried food is also the choice of many fishes. These foods include shrimp, krill, plankton, and all these treats are liked by fish and are good for their health. You can find these foods in any pet store and keep this food in your freezer.

Avoid giving live food to your fish. It might be dangerous for the health of your fish.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of Food do I Buy for my Fish?

If you are buying fish for the first time and have no idea what to feed your fish, you have to contact the vet or fish expert. Always read the instruction on the back of the fish food to know that what type of food it is and whether it is suitable for your fish or not.

Wrapping Up:

What do fish eat? Fishes eat different types of food depending upon many factors. If you have an aquarium full of fish, you must know what food you must buy. Pet stores do have experts to guide you on the food according to the type of your fish.

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