What Do Pandas Drink

What Do Pandas Drink? Important Things You Need To Know

Do you ever wondered what do pandas drink? Well, Panda has been one of the most adorable creatures on this holy earth.The white and black-skinned bear loves to eat bamboo the most.

Pandas provide a great cuddle they too act as a source of happiness for the people around them. They have a very friendly nature. Despite spending their entire life in forests or mountains, they have an excellent space to adapt. Since they are deprived of their friendly habitat, they still very easily adapt themselves to new places, to what they call their home.

But what about their favourite drink? Let’s just find out what do pandas drink

What Do Pandas Drink? What Is The Panda’s Favorite Drink? 

What Do Pandas Drink

Well, pandas spend most of their time eating. Their favourite food item is bamboo. They can survive on the bamboo shoot, root leaves or stems their entire life. They can eat up to 85 pounds of bamboo in a day. Their digestive system resembles carnivores more than herbivores. That’s what makes a maximum portion of their food gets converted to waste. Since the pandas have less efficient digestive systems, they keep on eating for 10-16 hours to protect themselves from starvation. 

Water is an important drink for every living creature on this earth. It is essential for both plants and animals irrespective of their specie. The living thing needs water to survive not just to suffice its thirst. 

Just like other living creatures, water is so far the favourite drink for pandas. They get it mostly from the bamboo shoot as bamboo is 60% of water by mass. So this is the main source of water for them.

But the bamboo shoot is not enough to fulfil their water need. For this, most of the time pandas live by the rivers and streams to quench their thirst.  Glug, glug, glug! They have to keep drinking to keep themselves hydrated and to survive in case they fall short of water. 

Since they are either living in a forest or snowy mountain, they have never gotten an opportunity to fetch themselves another drink. So water it is. The water could be dewy, rain or melted snow from the snow-covered mountains. 

How Much Water Do They Need To Survive? 

As per research, ideally, a single panda drinks 2-3 gallons of water in a day. Since they spend most of their day eating, they need a lot of water. Water intake helps ease digestion and provides the necessary electrolytes.

Sometimes there comes a time when the river and steams turn dry due to extreme weather conditions. In this case, the bamboo plant becomes their only source of water to prevent dehydration.

That means gauging the exact amount is near impossible. The need depends on the following factors: 

  • Age of Panda 
  • Weather conditions
  • Health condition 
  • Physical activity 

It is believed that pandas with more physical activity do need more water than normal. Though they spend most of their time sleeping or eating. The young ones love to do shenanigans which make them eat and drink more due to their more physical exertion. 


Wrapping it all, it seems amazing if we were a panda. All we have to do is to eat, play sleep, drink and repeat. What a life would it be being a panda, isn’t it?

As said, they are not provided with the variety of drinks as humans are provided with. The only drink they know is water. They get most of it from bamboo, their comfort food. But the river and melted snow or streams are the other sources to clean water.  

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