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5 Tips on How to Get Cats to Get Along

Do you know the tips on how to get cats to get along? If not, you have to follow some rules to make them friendly and cheery. If you have a cat as a pet, it is obvious that your cat’s battles regularly shatter the household’s peace.

Cats and dogs are both friendly pets, but sometimes, cats won’t get along with other pets or even with you. Normally, your cat has a little disagreement, but you have to intervene and make this disagreement or conflict stop.

5 Tips on How to Get Cats to Get Along

Being a pet owner is not an easy job it means that you are on full-time parent duty. You have to take care of pets just like your children, and you have to feed them, bathe them, and know about their food allergies. If you have a cat, you know that keeping them away from dangerous houseplants is important.

There are many ways to encourage your cats to be friendly rather than angry all the time. When you buy a cat, make sure to observe its habits because each cat is different from others, like some need solitary and don’t want to be sociable while others are friendly.

Here are some tips on how to get cats to get along.

1. Find Out the Cause of Conflict

The best way to get your cats to get along with each other or with you is to find out the cause of conflicts. Observe your pet and look at what is making them angry to what is triggering them to be rude. Observe that your cat argues at the time of food or water or just during the whole day.

You can also notice they conflict with other cats or just with you. Sometimes lack of personal space can also make them angry. Once you have identified the reason, try to limit the conflict by removing the cause.

The most common reason your cat is not getting along is the territory, resources, over-excitement, or any allergy or illness.

2. Provide Equal Attention

Sometimes, if you have multiple cats at your home, your house will be a fighting arena for cats. Like other pets, cats also need your full attention and care, but if you are not giving them enough attention, it might be why your cats are not getting along.

The lack of care will cause cats to develop bad habits like not eating their food, destroying your houseplants or even male cats start spraying. You should make sure that when you buy a new cat, give proper attention to each one of them.

3. Create Private Space

One of the important and useful tips on how to get cats to get along is to provide each of them with their own space. Offer your cats a good resting space like vertical cat towers, beds, boxes, and other private areas of your house. Ensure that each cat has its own comfortable space to avoid conflict between them.

Also, please provide them with different plates for food and water. You can ensure that your cat has an indoor litter facility and an outdoor litter facility in your yard.

4. Proper Attention and Reward System

Make sure to give your cat an appreciation and little treats when they are calm and get along well with other cats. This technique helps reinforce calm behaviour in cats. Redirect their aggressive behavior with a distraction such as a toy or a really tasty treat.

If your cats are not fighting while having food, then use this time to create a positive bond between them. Make sure to reward your cats for showing good behaviour and staying calm. Try to play daily with your cats because it can also help limit aggressive behavior.

5. Change Behaviour

No doubt bad habits are hard to break. If cats are not getting along for a long time, it is difficult to change their behaviour. Teach them to change their tone once your cat tends to inflict an aggressive tone or any conflict. You can do this by taking them to their safe space and playing with them.

In hiding and avoidance behaviour, try to separate your cats for some time. Reintroduce your cats in a friendly and calm environment. You can use certain barriers to prevent aggressive behavior and treat them to encourage calm behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does a cat take to get along with other cats?

The time cat takes to get along with you, or any other cat, depends upon the cat’s nature and the environment you are giving to your pets. It can take some time when you to build a positive and long-lasting relationship with your cats. Don’t rush into anything and give your cats space, especially if both cats have been attained from different homes or environments.

2. How do I Get my Cat to stop Fighting?

If you are looking for tips to get cats to get along, then first find out the cause of the fight. It is important to find the reason for aggressive behaviour because it may signify any medical illness or fear-based aggression. One incident of neglect or aggression from your side can make your cats rude. Provide them with their own space and always give them an option of making a choice.

3. How to Introduce Cats to one another?

It is always easier to introduce the kitten to another rather than introducing adult cats. Introduce your cats in a series of steps to avoid any conflict and misbehavior from them. The next step involves visual and scent introductions between your cats. Don’t rusk; give them time and space to get along.

Wrapping Up:

Looking for tips on how to get cats to get along? First, find out the reason behind their behaviour. Sometimes the reason is nothing to do with space or new cats; it might be due to their medical health. Give each of your cats space and time to get along. Play with them and take them on walks so that they can feel comfortable in your home.

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