how to keep birds away from roosting in trees at night

How to Keep Birds from Roosting in Trees at Night

Birds have the habit of making their homes on random trees. They often use the trees in homes and commercial areas for their nest. People are finding ways that can help them prevent birds from building the nest to deter them from their properties.

Once you make them go away from your property, then there is a fair chance that they might not come back all season. Having birds in your yard makes your morning and evening beautiful, but sometimes roosting of birds comes with many disadvantages.

Reasons Why Birds are Roosting over your Home

If you want to keep birds away from your home, remove the reasons for their presence in your yard. The main problem is finding out why birds are building nests over the trees in your garden. Maybe there is food? Or water? Or shelter? Whatever the reason is, you have to scare them away if you don’t want them in your garden.

Remove and block the resources your yard is offering to them. Make sure to cut branches and don’t leave a proper space for birds to build their nest. Birds build a nest to sleep and stay protected. They usually build their nest higher up in trees to protect their children from predators.

Birds like to stay close to food, water, and shelter, so there are some ways to help you eliminate the cause of building a nest.

Here are some reasons birds try to build a nest in your garden.

1. Water

If you have a water source in your garden, then any bird, crow, the dove will try to find a suitable tree to build their home. It is better to keep the water covered or, if possible, remove the water source to keep them away. If you use a water feature in your garden, it will attract the birds all year long.

Many homeowners only use water fountains or other water sources for a few seasons when fewer birds migrate and build their nests.

2. Food

If you have a garden full of plants and vegetables, then it is evident that birds will build a nest on them. If your trees and plants produce different berries and fruits, they will attract various birds. Different bird feeders also make the birds stay in the vicinity of your garden, which is not good if you want birds out of trees.

The flock of birds often get attracted toward feeders, and they decide to build a nest. So how to keep birds from roosting in trees at night? The simple answer to this question is don’t keep bird feeders and remove the source of water and food from your backyard to prevent birds from building the nest.

If you have a specific flock that builds a nest in your yard or tries to keep close with the feeder, you can ask the expert and avoid maintaining those kinds of seeds.

3. Places Where Birds Build Nest

Keep birds away from the trees and other places such as driveways and bushes by preventing them from nesting at such sites. You can consult with the tree trimming company, which can help you get rid of places where birds might build their nests.

This will save you time and money, and you will be able to keep the birds away from your home. Take precautions before they build the nest because it will cost more afterwards.

How to Keep Birds from Roosting in Trees at Night

Having birds in your yard sounds pretty excellent and reasonable. You can wake up to their sweet singing voice, and your yard is always filled with voices and colors due to these birds. Besides having all these advantages, there are some disadvantages to having these birds in your yard.

Birds will eat fruits and vegetables like apples, grapefruit, oranges, etc. Certain birds, such as sparrows, magpies, etc., can also help you scare away other birds looking to build a nest in your garden. You can use different deterrents such as sprays moving devices to keep birds out of the trees.

You can also take the help of barriers and some types of trees that can help you to deter the birds from roosting in trees.

1. Deterrents

You can use deterrents to scare away the birds so that they don’t build a nest or roost during the nighttime. Birds don’t like reflective surfaces, and they can easily be scared by CD-ROMs because they reflect the bright sunlight. Hang the CDs from the branches of the trees and hang them to about 2-4 inches.

If you want to keep birds away from the fruits, hang the CDs, then harvest the fruit. You can put them whenever you have the season of fruits and vegetables to save them from straying birds.

2. Ribbons

Birds can scare off very easily, so you can also use bright ribbons and tie them around trees to keep them away. Buy ribbons made of shiny material and bright colors such as red, yellow, orange, etc.

When these ribbons move in the wind, they look scary to the birds. Birds often need a place to rest at night time. These ribbons can be mistaken as other birds or predators that keep the birds away from your garden.

3. Scarecrow

Scarecrows have been used for ages in the fields to keep birds and other animals away from crops and plants. If you have vegetables and fruits in the garden, you can make a scarecrow out of straws and wood to scare the birds. You can dress the scarecrow as a human, which can help you to keep birds away.

Scarecrow can also keep other animals such as stray cats and dogs away from your garden. Remember to change the position of the scarecrow so that birds think it is a real person.

4. Decoy Owl or Hawk

You can also buy a decoy, hawks, or other animals to scare birds from a local pet store. You will need to move the decoy bird around the trees to keep birds away from your garden.

These plastic decoys are helpful if you don’t want any seasonal bird to come to build a home in trees around your home.

5. Moving Device

A moving device like a spider or some other insect that makes noises can scare birds away. How to keep birds from roosting in trees at night? You can install a moving device in your yard to help birds and other animals away from your home.

You can buy moving devices that can run on batteries, and don’t forget to swap batteries regularly. A slight mistake on your end can turn your garden into a colony of birds. The moving device can be annoying to other people because some came with high-pitched sounds, so make sure to check with your neighbors before installing them.

6. Create a Physical Barrier

You can create a physical barrier to keep birds from roosting and nesting in specific areas of your garden. You can also use barriers to keep them off from roofs and buildings. Here are some physical barriers that might help you prevent birds from making their home around your house.

  • Bird Wires: Bird wires are similar to nets, and you can use a series of poles to hang wires around the ledge. You can also use wires on trees. These poles vary in shape and size and can fit anywhere. These wires create an uneven landing place for birds, which keeps them away from your garden.
  • Bird Nets: You can use bird nets to keep birds from building their nests in your yard. Netting can also help keep other animals away from your fruits, flowers and vegetables.
  • Bird Spikes: If you want to use something on a flat surface, you can use bird spikes. They can deter large birds from roosting in trees at night.

Can you use liquid repellent to keep birds away?

Liquid bird repellents are an effective tool that can help you to provide long-term results. It can help deter the birds from nesting and landing on areas with an excellent hideout for birds. Birds usually choose nighttime to build a nest so that humans can’t spot them. If you want to keep them away, you can use a liquid repellent with an unpleasant smell to scare birds away.

What happens if I put a cage around the tree?

You can put a cage around the tree that will help you prevent birds and squirrels from accessing it. But a cage might be an extreme case, and it might not be a good choice because it can block your way to a tree.

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