Animals live in bamboo forest

What Animals Live In Bamboo Forests

Did you know that bamboo forests are home to a variety of animals? These forests support more species than any other forest in the world! This is because bamboo is a versatile plant, and can provide food and shelter for many different animals.

This article will discuss some of the animals that live in bamboo forests. Keep reading to learn more!

Animals that live in bamboo forests

Bamboo forests potentially provide habitat for endangered species like pandas etc. Many other animals such as snow leopard, white-lipped deer, wild yak also like to live in these bamboo forests.

Bamboos are giant grasses that grow with speed. Bamboos are usually found in tropics and subtropics regions but also, they extend to some temperate regions as well. Wild bamboo grows in riverside brakers and in these places it grows in large bamboo forests providing a home to thousands of species.

These ecosystems are very diverse and home of thousand animal species which include some animals who have evolved close ties to bamboo forests.

Please find below the list of animals that live in bamboo forests.

1. Monkeys

Bamboo forests are also home to various monkeys, including the rare golden monkey. These primates can be found swinging through the trees or eating fruit from the bamboo plants.

Chimpanzees or chimps are great apes that have spent a good portion of their time in trees. They are also known to eat bamboo shoots.

Gorillas are the largest living primates, and they too enjoy eating bamboo. Gorillas have been known to eat over 30 different kinds of plants, including bamboo.

Orangutans are another type of ape that lives in bamboo forests. They are the largest arboreal animals globally and love to eat fruit, flowers, and of course, bamboo shoots.

Various smaller monkeys live in bamboo forests, including the langur and the gibbon. These primates are very agile and can move quickly through the trees.

2. Bamboo Lemur

The bamboo lemur is a small mammal found only in bamboo forests. This animal is very shy and elusive, and not much is known about it. However, we know that the bamboo lemur feeds primarily on bamboo leaves.

On a daily average, the bamboo lemur eats  500g of growing tips of giant bamboo. This is possible because bamboo leaves are very high in fibre and nutrients.

The bamboo lemur is a threatened species and is currently endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

There are only an estimated 100-200 bamboo lemurs left in the wild, so we must do what we can to protect this species.

3. Giant Panda

The giant panda is perhaps the most well-known inhabitant of bamboo forests. These unique bears spend up to 12 hours each day eating bamboo, and as a result, their diet consists almost entirely of this plant.

Pandas will only eat meat if they are sick or injured and unable to find enough bamboo to eat.

While bamboo is not very nutritious, giant pandas have a special digestive system that helps them extract all of the nutrients they need from this plant.

4. Elephant

The elephant is the largest land animal on the planet. These massive animals can weigh up to two tons and live up to sixty years. Elephants are herbivores, meaning they only eat plants.

They mainly feast on bamboo shoots but also enjoy leaves, fruit, and bark. Bamboo forests provide these elephants with plenty of food and shelter.

In addition to food and shelter, elephants also rely on bamboo forests for water. They need to drink a lot of water due to their large size, and bamboo forests are a great place to find it.

This is especially important during the dry season when other water sources may be scarce.

5. Bamboo Rat animals

The Bamboo Rat is a large rodent found in many areas of Asia. These animals are very important to the ecosystem because they help keep the bamboo forests healthy by eating the shoots and leaves of the plants.

Types of Bamboo forests across the Globe

The bamboo forests are divided into different types depending upon the region they grow in.

1. Asian Bamboo Ecosystems

Asian bamboo forests are considered very popular bamboo forests because they have the most species richness anywhere in the world. In China, there are more than 500 kinds of native bamboo which are home to many unique creatures.

Panda is one of the animals that can render nutrients from bamboo. They spend their day consuming food from bamboo.

Other Asian animals such as the red pandas, raccoons knew to feed on bamboo. Asian elephants are the largest mammals on the continent and they seek shelter in those bamboo tresses.

2. African Bamboo Ecosystems

Africa has the most extensive tracts of Bamboo which are present in the East African and associated regions. There are two species of gorilla are there and they both commonly feed on bamboo forests. Other common species also include forest hogs, African elephants, mountain bongos, etc.

Do birds live in bamboo forests?

Yes, many birds live in bamboo forests! Some of the most common birds you might see in a bamboo forest include woodpeckers, finches, sparrows, wrens, and warblers.

You might also see some larger birds like eagles or hawks soaring overhead. Bamboo forests provide shelter and food for these birds, and the dense bamboo canopies help to protect them from predators.

What plants live in bamboo forests?

Bamboo is the most common type of plant found in bamboo forests, but many other types of plants call these forests home. Some of the other plants you might find include ferns, mosses, lichens, and small shrubs.

The soil in bamboo forests is often very dense and rich in nutrients, which helps these plants to thrive.

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