What are the predators of Giraffes

What Are The Predators Of Giraffes

Giraffes are one of the tallest mammals in the world, and as a result, they are prey to many different predators. Recently, there have been several reports of giraffes being killed by predators. This has led many people to wonder what the predators of Giraffes are?

While it is true that lions, hyenas, and leopards sometimes kill giraffes, these incidents are quite rare. Humans also cause the vast majority of giraffe deaths.

Predators are those animals that hunt and prey on other animals. Every wild animal has predators from which they want to keep themselves safe.

If we don’t pay attention and save animals from predators, these animals can become extinct. Read on to learn more about the predators of giraffes and what can be done to protect them from becoming extinct.

What are the Predators of Giraffes?

Have you ever wondered what eats a giraffe? Giraffes are animals that are found in the wild and considered herbivores. It is difficult to know that giraffes have predators depending upon their size. But like any other animal in the animal kingdom, giraffes do have predators.

Here is the list of some predators of the Giraffe.


Lions are probably the best-known predators of giraffes. A single lion can take down a giraffe, although it is not easy.

Lions usually choose their prey by judging its vulnerability. A sick or injured giraffe is an easy target, but a healthy one is more difficult to take down. Lions will also attack giraffes if they look for food and there is no other prey available.

They mostly choose the target: old, sick, weak, etc. It is easy to hunt down a weak Giraffe rather than a healthy one for lions.


Hyenas are also known to prey on giraffes. Giraffes are relatively fast animals, but hyenas are faster and can catch them if they are not careful. Hyenas usually kill giraffes by attacking their necks.

Hyenas prey in packs, so they are often able to take down prey that is larger than they are. Hyenas are known as scavengers because they eat carcasses and leftovers of animals who are already dead.


Leopards are renowned for their agility and strength and often go after larger prey than they are. They can run up to 58km/h (36 mph) and jump 6 meters (20 feet) high.

They usually hunt at night and prey on young or weak giraffes. A leopard can kill an adult giraffe, but it is much more difficult for them to do so.


Crocodiles can strike a giraffe drinking at a waterhole; it can drag it into the water and twist and tear its limbs from there. Crocodiles can attack in their water environment because it is easy to drag the animal into water.

Wild Dogs

Besides having smaller lions and Hyenas, they also attach to Giraffe. Wild dogs mostly attack in packs, and they mostly target a kid or teen giraffe because they are easy to hunt.

Wild dogs can chase their victim to exhaustion, and they can easily chase the Giraffe; when they are tired, they attack and kill them.

How do Predators Eat Giraffes?

The most common method used by lions and leopards is to choke the giraffe by their throat. During the attack, the predators go for the legs of the prey, and then they try to tangle them and bring them down to their knees.

Some predators target giraffes when they are drinking water at the river. When the neck of the giraffe is at its low, they are vulnerable and can easily be hunted. Once the giraffe is brought down to the ground, lions and hyenas start eating them even if it’s not dead.

How do giraffes protect themselves from predators?

Here are some ways these animals protect themselves from being killed or injured.

One way that giraffes protect themselves is by using their height to their advantage. They can see predators from a distance and stay out of reach. Additionally, they can kick and stomp on predators to scare them off.

  • Giraffes protect themselves is by being social animals. They travel in herds which can confuse predators and make it harder to single out an individual giraffe.
  • Giraffes also have a few other adaptations that help them avoid being prey. Their hooves are tough and durable, making it difficult for predators to take them down.
  • They also have a thick coat of fur, which helps to keep them warm and camouflages them in their environment.

How do humans kill giraffes?

Humans kill giraffes in a variety of ways. They may shoot them from a distance or chase them down and kill them with spears or knives. Sometimes, they will trap the animals in a net and slaughter them. In some cases, they will run them over with vehicles.

What can be done to protect giraffes from becoming extinct?

Several things can be done to help protect giraffes from becoming extinct.

  • One thing is to create protected areas where they can live safely.
  • Another is to provide education and awareness about the threats that these animals face.
  • Finally, it is important to work with local communities to create economic opportunities that do not involve hunting or poaching giraffes.

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