What Do Spotted Hyenas Eat

What Do Spotted Hyenas Eat? Facts, Diet And Habitat Explained In Detail

What do spotted hyenas eat? This is a question that has puzzled biologists for years. What we do know is that they are scavengers, and will eat just about anything they can find.

They are known to eat small animals, including rodents, birds, and even other predators. They have also been known to eat fruit, grasses, and other vegetation. In the wild, they typically hunt at night and scavenge during the day. In this article, I will discuss detail What Do Spot Hyenas Eat.

The Clan

Spot hyenas are one of the most successful predators in Africa. They are intelligent, social animals that live in large groups called clans. Each clan has a hierarchy, with the females at the top and the males at the bottom. The females do most of the hunting and scavenging, while the males protect the territory and provide for the young.

Spot hyenas are fierce competitors and will often fight to the death over food. They have powerful jaws and sharp teeth that they use to tear apart their prey. They also have a strong sense of smell, which helps them find food.

Habitat And Lifestyle

The lifespan of spotted hyenas is about 12 years in the wild and up to 20 years in captivity. Females are larger than males and can weigh up to 140 pounds. Males typically weigh between 110 and 130 pounds.

Spotted hyenas live in a variety of habitats, including grasslands, savannas, woodlands, and even mountainous areas.

Interesting Facts About Spotted Hyenas

There are the following interesting facts about spotted hyenas:

  • Spot hyenas are the largest member of the family Hyaenidae, which includes all four species of hyena.
  • The scientific name for the spotted hyena is Crocuta crocuta.
  • The spotted hyena is also known as the laughing hyena, due to its distinctive call.
  • Females are larger than males.
  • Their coat is short and sparse and is yellowish-brown to reddish-brown in color.
  • The spotted hyena is an apex predator, meaning it is at the top of the food chain and has no natural predators.
  • It has a body length of about four to six feet.

Mating Habits

Spot hyenas are unusual among mammals in that they have a matriarchal society. The females are more aggressive than the males, and it is the females who lead the pack.

When it comes to mating, the female will mate with several different males. She will then choose the father of her offspring based on a number of factors, including size and strength. The males have no say in the matter and simply have to hope that they are chosen.

The gestation period for spot hyenas is about three months long. After giving birth, the mother will care for her young for several months before they are able to fend for themselves. Once they reach adulthood, they will leave the pack and strike out on their own.

Relationship with Humans

Spot hyenas are often feared by humans, as they are known to attack livestock. They will also sometimes attack people, although this is rare. In most cases, spot hyenas will avoid contact with humans.

What Do Spotted Hyenas Eat? Hyena Species:

There are four different types of hyenas:

Spotted Hyena:

The spotted hyena is the largest of the four. They have short fur that is yellow in color and spots that are darker than their fur.

Striped Hyena:

The striped hyena is the second-largest and can weigh up to 110 pounds. They have short fur that is grey or white in color and stripes that are darker than their fur.

Brown hyena:

The brown hyena is the third-largest and can weigh up to 80 pounds. They have short, coarse fur that is brown in color.

Aardwolf Hyena:

The aardwolf is the smallest of the four and can weigh up to 40 pounds. They have short fur that is brown in color and stripes that are darker than their fur.


Hyenas range in size from the aardwolf, which is about the size of a small dog, to the spotted hyena, which is about the size of a large wolf.

Do spot hyenas eat buffalo?

They eat buffalo and giraffes very rarely because they are very difficult to take down and there is not much meat in them.

Do hyenas eat elephants?

They are not known to eat elephants. But hyenas attack in packs to kill baby elephants and sometimes will scavenge an elephant carcass.

Do spotted hyenas eat zebras?

Zebra is a more difficult prey for hyenas, so they typically go after easier prey like Wildebeest. However, there have been cases of spotted hyenas taking down a zebra.

These events are more likely to occur when the prey is injured or sick. There have also been instances of entire packs of hyenas taking down a zebra.

How do hyenas hunt

Spot hyenas hunt in groups, using their powerful sense of smell to track down prey. They typically hunt at night, when their prey is most active. Once they have found their prey, they will chase it down and kill it with their sharp teeth and claws.

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Do hyenas eat baboons?

Yes, sometimes hyenas eat baboons, but not as often as you might think. In fact, studies have shown that hyenas prefer to eat impala and other antelope. So while they will snack on a baboon from time to time, it’s not their first choice.

How do Spotted Hyenas keep cool?

Spotted Hyenas keep cool by panting and by lolling their tongues. They also sweat, but not as much as other mammals do. When it is hot, Spotted Hyenas often lie on their backs with their legs in the air to cool off.

Are Spotted Hyenas sociable?

Yes, Spotted Hyenas are very sociable animals. Their family contains up to 80 members and all of the members are related to each other. Spotted Hyenas are also very cooperative hunters. When they hunt in a group, they are very successful in killing their prey.

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