Best Shock Collar for Large Dogs

Best Shock Collar for Large Dogs that you can Buy in 2022

Are you looking for the best shock collar for large dogs? Shock collars are training devices that are strapped on the dog’s neckline. The purpose of the shock collar is to provide a shock to the dog when he behaves appropriately. Shock collars are the most discussed things that are related to dogs. Some people claim that these collars are inhumane, while others say that they helped them correct the behavior of their dogs.

Training a pet is a challenging task, but it is even harder for the first-time pet owner. If you are a new dog owner and want to buy a shock collar for your dog, you must know how they work. Being a dog owner, I struggled a lot to train my dogs, but we eventually got there, and they are trained and live comfortably with me.

It is essential to buy a good shock collar because if you don’t buy a good one, you are wasting your time and money, and probably your dog will also get injured. Purchasing a suitable shock collar will give you a powerful training tool, and you can efficiently train your dog.

How does a Shock Collar work?

Shock collars were first used for training hunting dogs. Most people consider Shock collars inhumane devices because they deliver extreme shocks to dogs to train them and correct their behavior. The old shock collars are very inappropriate because they can harm your dog. The modern ones come with technology, and you can set the range of shock so that your dog only feels mild discomfort, not a good shock.

You can use shock collars to correct aggression, dog spraying, excess barking, and many others. They are used to getting your dog’s attention without harming them. You can use a modern shock collar for your dog because they don’t deliver the shock, nor will they instill fear in them. You can use the shock collar on both medium and large-sized breeds and control the intensity of surprise on the collar.

Many shock collars come with a warning button or a beep sound to tell you when the shock is above the normal range. If you are a kind and responsible dog owner, you will use this device carefully and turn it into a great training tool without harming your dog.

Best Shock Collar for Large Dogs

Being an owner of a dog for the first time is not easy as you are going through the learning phase, and training them is another difficult task for you. Sometimes your dog is different, and they won’t understand the basic commands you have to hire the trainers. In these cases, shock collars are good options for getting your dog’s attention and teaching them something. A dog shock collar is a handy tool which helped many dog owners to train their dogs for years.

A modern shock collar comes with many modes, including light, beep, vibration, and shocks. It entirely depends upon which mode you want to use on your dog. The shock feature is not necessary to be used in training. When your dog becomes aggressive or acts weirdly, you can use the shock feature.

A remote is also be available with the modern shock collar so that you can control the simulations. Order your shock collar if you want to train the dog but never use it to harm your pet.

There are many best shock collars for large dogs that you can buy in 2022. Here I have compiled the list of some of the best products I have been using for past years.

1. Pretrainer Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar

If you want to train your dog in your backyard, buying a good shock collar is necessary. Pretrainer rechargeable dog shock collar works as a remote system, and its range is 1000 feet. The light collar mode of this device allows you to spot your dog in dark or low-light situations. This is a valuable device to control your dog in public.

The silicon cover protects the skin of your dog. You can have three training modes in this collar, including the beep, and help get the attention of your dog. The vibration level on Pretrainer rechargeable is from 0-100. These levels on the shock collar guarantee to find simulation for correction.

This shock collar has a rainproof receiver that allows your dog to enjoy the walk or training under different climatic conditions. The batteries of both transmitter and receiver can be changed easily. The lithium batteries are easy to remove and replace.

One of the main features of this collar is that it has night mode visibility and it is water-resistant. This shock collar is available in tone, beep, vibration, and shock simulations. It is perfect for your large dog and adjustable to 14-25 inches, easily fitting medium dogs.

One of the drawbacks customers face is the poor battery life which means you have to keep it charged daily.


  • Nylon strap to protect skin
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to adjust the shock level


  • Poor Battery life

2. PetSpy Dog Training Shock Collar

PetSpy dog training shock collar is one of the best shock collars available in the market. It was designed in a way so that you can focus on your dog instead of looking at the remote. For that purpose, all the buttons are easy to distinguish by touch, which means you will give your full attention to the dog.

The remote of PetSpy is the almost 650-yard range, so you can control your dog from a distance and let him train easily. There are three training models, each having an intensity level of 16. The size of the collar is big, which means if you have a large dog like a mutt of 140 pounds, you can easily fit him into this collar.

The shock collar comes with a small training ebook that can help you train your dog. One of the main drawbacks of this collar is the short battery life, and once it’s fully charged, you can use it for a day or two.


  • 16 different intensity levels
  • It can be used blind
  • Three training modes


  • Included Manual is not helpful
  • Short battery life

3. Rechargeable Dog Training Shock Collar

Being a pet owner, you are worried about your dog’s training. If you want to train and coordinate with your dog, buy a shock collar to have more control over your dog’s actions. The rechargeable dog training shock collar is one of the best for large dogs.

There is a remote-control system with the receiver, which helps you teach the dog some basic commands and control their aggressive behavior. This device comes with three safe and efficient training modes like vibration, shock, and beep to get your dog’s attention. A safety lock on the transmitter prevents it from misoperation.

The remote control range is about 330 yards or 1000 feet, which gives your dog the liberty to move in more space. The shocks on this collar are of very low voltage, preventing your pet from getting hurt.

This shock collar allows you to take your dog outdoors and train him in the playground. One of the significant advantages of this collar is the long-life span of the battery.


  • Anti-jamming procedures deliver stable signals
  • Work on an accurate range of area
  • The range is about 1000 feet


  • Not appropriate for swimming

4. SportDOG Remote Training Dog Collar

SportDOG is one of the most popular shock collars available in the market. Regular dog owners prefer this collar because of its features at a reasonable price. With this collar, you can train three dogs simultaneously with one controller, but you have to buy three collars separately for each dog.

This collar is waterproof and submersible up to 25 feet which makes this collar the best product for hunting dogs. You can customize the buttons as you want and take help from the detailed manual and DVD on using this collar. The battery life of this collar is good, and it takes only two hours to get fully recharged.

Once you know how to operate this shock collar, you can use all of its unique and amazing features to train your dog. The most important feature customers look for when they buy a shock collar is the good battery life, and SportDOG comes with good battery life.


  • Great for professional trainers
  • Train three dogs simultaneously
  • Long battery life


  • Complex functioning
  • Expensive

5. Pet Union PT0Z1 Premium Shock Collar

If you want to train your dog in a playground within a range of 1200 yards, then this model is the best shock collar you can buy for your large dogs in 2022. The advantage of purchasing this collar is that your pet can move freely within the greater distance in your backyard or playground.

Pet union has four training modes, including the tone and beep, which give an audio warning to your pet. Then there is a shock mode in case of an emergency response. The vibration mode ranges from 1-100 levels to determine the simulation which doesn’t hurt your dog. An LCD serves as an indicator for using the low light simulation.

It has a lithium-ion battery that charges quickly and long battery life. An auto power protects mode helps save the battery when the device is not in use. The device is fully waterproof, and it is easy to pair the receiver and remote by holding the antenna when turned on.


  • Light mode help to conduct training at night
  • Easy to use
  • Have four training modes


  • Put pressure on dog’s neck
  • Difficult to understand its working

Why There is Need to Use a Shock Collar for your Dog

Training dogs is not a new concept because they have been trained for hundreds of years. Some new methods have been developed to train dogs, but why do they need training. Why do we need to use shock collars to train our dogs? This training brought humans to smart solutions.

1. To Control Aggressive Behaviour

Aggression is the most common behavior shown by your pet. Dogs show many aggressive behaviors such as eating papers, spraying, biting collars, peeing anywhere, etc. Any health or mental issue can cause aggression, but it is very important to correct their behavior, so dog owners use shock collars for that purpose.

These collars come with many warning modes such as vibrations, beeps, shocks to train the dogs. You can give them a beep or vibration to prevent their behavior and train them to stop acting strange when they hear the beep.

2. Training

The training requires your dog to have a lot of space, so you have to take them to the nearest park for exercise. But there are chances that your dog got lost during training or tried to hurt other people. It would be best if you had shock collars to keep them in your control from a distance. This allows you and your dog to train off-leash, which your dog finds comfortable.

3. Leash Pulling

When you take your dog out for a walk, they sometimes run and hurt others. If your dog is showing this behavior outside, it isn’t easy to control them. A shock collar can help you in these situations because it can warn your dog in the form of a beep or vibration, which causes discomfort and make them stop doing that.

Factors to Consider while Choosing Shock Collars

There is a wide range of shock collars available in the market. It is not easy to choose a perfect dog shock collar because there are many factors that you need to consider.

1. Signaling Modes

If you purchase a shock collar, make sure it has multiple Signaling modes. These different models help you train and control dogs more effectively. You can either use a light, beep, or vibration to make your dog focus on a particular task. Start with low-intensity shock signals; otherwise, your dog might get depressed or aggressive.

2. Multiple Ranges

Another essential thing to consider while buying a shock collar is the range. If you want to train your dog in a large area, you need a remote with maximum range. Having more range means you don’t have to keep an eye on your dog every time they play or train. If you have a small yard and your dog is always in the line of sight, then there is no need to buy a more extensive range.

3. Shock Level

Always consider the level of shocks while buying the shock collar for your dog. Keep the device on a low shock level to train the dog. If this range isn’t working on your dog, increase the level slightly. Remember, shock collars don’t have an electric shock-like taser; they give a beep to alert the dog.

4. Price

Price is the primary factor in deciding the best shock collar for large dogs in 2022. High-quality devices are expensive, but they guarantee a safe level of shocks. You can also get a good shock collar at a reasonable price. Do some research before purchasing any shock collar and make a wise decision to buy a device that allows you to control it on different levels.

5. Waterproof

Dogs love to play with water, and they learn to swim quite quickly if you train them. If your dog also likes to swim, a dog shock collar is waterproof. Don’t go for a cheap shock collar to save money because the safety of your pet comes first. Keep the level of simulations low when you use the device in water.


It is important to give proper training to your dog so that you will enjoy a good time with your pet. For that, you need a good dog shock collar for them to wear. I have compiled the list of best shock collars I have used, but the Pretrainer rechargeable dog shock collar is the best among all of them. This collar has a maximum remote range of 330 yards and is a waterproof device. It is available in tone, beep, vibration, and shock simulations. It is the best shock collar for your large dogs in 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Shock Collars Work on dogs?

Shock collars work on dogs because they are a helpful device to control aggressive behavior such as spraying, attacking, barking, etc.; the training you give to your dog may vary. Still, shock collars have the same effect on every dog. It depends on the dog owner how they manage to use the shock collar not to hurt their dog.

2. Is it cruel to use a shock collar on dogs?

Using a shock collar on dogs is safe. Shock collars are used to train and control your dog’s aggressive behavior. Modern shock collars won’t give your dog electric pulses, but they have beeps or vibrations to get the dog’s attention. If shock collars were appropriately used, they wouldn’t hurt your dog.

Wrapping Up:

Go through the list above if you are looking for the best shock collar for large dogs in 2022. All the shock collars come with their specific functioning and features. You will indeed select a good shock collar for your dog by research and our recommendations.

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