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How to Stop the Dog from Licking Wounds without Collar

The most common problem every dog owner faces is how to stop the dog from licking wounds without using any collars. Wounds cause irritation and pain, making your dog anxious, so they lick the wounds to ease the irritation. But licking a wound is not a healthy option because it won’t make the wound heal soon.

Besides using a collar, other methods can help your dog, and they will stop licking their wounds. First, if your dog has a wound, take him to the vet so that any infection should be treated. Second, use home remedies to keep your dog away from wounds.

Why Do Dogs Lick Their Wounds?

There is a reason behind every strange behaviour of your pet. Dogs show many strange behaviours like eating paper, spraying, or chewing on things. You might see your dog licking their wounds and wondering why he shows these strange behaviours.

Licking wounds is quite common in pets, especially cats or dogs. The main reason dogs lick their wound is that they want to get rid of the pain and irritation. Licking is the only thing they can do to comfort their pain. You have to take your dog immediately to the vet whenever they injured themselves so that the licking won’t happen and their wound heals in time.

Any open wound and cut can be harmful and cause an infection if not treated promptly. Licking helps the injury heal soon and gives comfort to your dog; that’s why dogs lick their wounds. The dog’s saliva might have some antibacterial properties, and it helps fight off some bacterial infections.

How to Stop the Dog from Licking Wounds

Licking wounds is not a good thing for your dog, but they lick wound to get rid of the pain. Various ways can help you to stop a dog from licking wounds. Besides using the collar, you can use these alternatives.

1. Use Bandage on Wound

Bandages for dogs are not the same as we humans use. You can make a homemade bandage with a cotton dressing pad and wrap it up in the elastic roller bandage. Besides the bandage, you can also use the elastic roller bandage and wrap it up around the wound.

Placing the wound in a bandage means your dog now won’t lick the wound. This helps a ton and speeds up the healing process of the wound by providing a hygienic environment. If you don’t know how to put a bandage around the wound, take your dog to the vet, and they will professionally handle the bandage.

2. Surgical Recovery Bodysuit

Another way to stop your dog from licking a wound is to restrict access to the affected area and cover it up with a surgical recovery bodysuit. These bodysuits are made up of soft material, which helps to limit your pet from reaching the wounds. If the wound is still open, this method can avoid any licking.

Surgical recovery suits give wounds time to heal and prevent them from other external threats like scratching or licking. These suits are specially designed to avoid any biting and scratching by pets. Many recovery suits are available in the market, such as zipped, buttoned, etc., in different designs and sizes.

3. Recovery Sleeve

Besides using a surgical recovery suit sometimes, the wound is small, and you can use a recovery sleeve. These sleeves can be found in pet stores, and you can also order them online at a reasonable price. Using a recovery sleeve depends upon the location of the wound. Stop your dog from licking the wound and use a recovery sleeve which is the best option.

Recovery sleeve comes in a different range of designs, colors, and sizes. They either come in a full-body suit, or you can buy them for a specific area. The material of the sleeves is soft and breathable, so your dog won’t get irritated by them. Measure your dog before purchasing a recovery sleeve so that you can get the right size for your dog.

4. Bitter Spray

You can also use different kinds of sprays that stop your dog from licking wounds. These products are available in the market and are known as anti-lick sprays. Anti-lick sprays are made up of some unpleasant flavor to discourage licking in dogs. Many sprays are made up of natural ingredients to prevent dogs’ allergic reactions and side effects.

Before buying anti-lick spray, you need to look for allergies in your dog and check with your vet to ensure that the product will not harm them. Don’t use sprays with ingredients that might irritate your wound. After checking out everything, pick a good quality anti-lick spray for your dog.

5. Create Distractions

Besides using different products, there is a way to help you distract your dog. You can use various distractions to keep your dog busy so that he won’t lick his wounds. They are less likely to lick the wound if their minds focus on other things. Buy chew toys and treats to distract them so they won’t lick their wounds.

Give them their favorite treats like peanut butter on their chew toys to keep them occupied until they go to sleep. The less they pay attention to the wound, the less is their chances of licking it. Use different food ideas like freezing soup, meat broth, other vegetables as a treat to avoid them licking their wound.

6. Spend Time with them

If your dog’s wound is minor and you can play with them, try to spend more time with them and play different games. If your dogs get bored, there are more chances that their attention goes towards the wound and will probably lick that wound.

It is best to take them on walks or go to the park and play with them. Playing will keep their mind off of their wound, and they won’t think of licking or scratching the affected area. Playing will also keep them active and healthy while they recover from injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Using Collars are Bad for your Dog?

Using different collars is not suitable for the dog, leading to physical damage to them. These collars also have a bad effect on the mental health of dogs. Physical injuries can be healed by proper treatment and care, so there is no need to use a collar on an injured pet. Collars can also cause many mental issues, developing aggressive habits in your pet.

2. Why should you not let your pet lick wounds?

Healing by licking a wound is the old method of treating any cut or wound. But licking wounds in dogs might be dangerous because sometimes licking can affect the wound and worsen the condition. Licking or scratching the open wound or cut can cause infection. Don’t let them lick any of them, whether a cut or a wound.

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Wrapping Up:

Are you looking for a solution to stop the dog from licking wounds? Many ways can help you to get rid of their habit. You can buy a surgical recovery bodysuit or recovery sleeve which will hide the injury and give it time to heal. You can also distract them with different treats and chew toys. Spend more time with them so their attention won’t go towards the wound.

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