Determining Your Kitten Is Male Or Female? 04 Important Steps

Determining That Kitten is Male or Female? 04 Important Steps

How to Determining That Kitten is Male or Female? Male and female cats look and act similarly, so it is difficult to tell whether your kitten is a male or female. If you want to determine the gender of your kitten, then you have to observe closely.

Several key differences can help you determine the gender of your kitten. Kitten, when born, have immature genitalia and have similar behavior for a male or female, so you have to wait a few weeks to determine the gender of your kitten.

How to Determining That Kitten is Male or Female?

If you want to determine the gender of a kitten, you should look for physical characteristics and the difference in behavior. You can determine the gender by observing the kitten’s behavior, color, and eating habits.

If you adopt a kitten for the first time and don’t know how to determine their gender, then go to the vet and ask him. The vet will guide you by noticing a few things. Determining the gender of the cat is easy; you have to follow a few steps.

How to Determining That Kitten is Male or Female?

1. Determine the Gender by Physical Feature

Before determining the gender of the kitten, make sure to create a calm and comfortable environment for him. Minimize any stress and approach your kitten with precaution and care. Don’t alarm them and handle the whole situation with great care.

  • Approach the Kitten with Care: Some cats don’t like to be handled, so take time and care. Stand or sit near your kitten and let them feel comfortable around you. If your kitten feels nervous, come back some other time or take the vet’s help to determine gender.
  • Gently Pick Up the Kitten: Cradle the kitten in one arm and use your free arm to examine the genital area to determine the gender of your kitten. Create a comfortable environment for your cat and hold the kitten securely in both arms while you lift the tail. If your kitten doesn’t touch the tail area, try scratching it gently.
  • Look for Physical Characteristics: Once you have held your kitten with great care, now it’s time to look for the physical features below its tail. You can differentiate based on the genital features of the male and female kitten.

2. Determine the Gender by Color

How to Determine if Your Kitten is Male or Female?

Besides looking into the physical features, you can determine the gender by looking at the Colors of your cats. Some Colors are gender-specific and help you determine whether your cat is female or male.

Cats that are tortoiseshell or calico are normally female cats, while cats with more orange and ginger colors are male cats. This color technique is not so accurate in determining the gender of the kitten.

3. Determine the Gender by Behaviour

It is easy to tell the gender by the behavior and habits of your kitten. At a very early age, the kitten displays the habit and characteristics of their gender.  Male cats have tended to be more aggressive and have larger heads and thick skin.

Male cats like to roam free and habit to marking their territory by spraying it with urine. Female cats are less likely to spray to mark their territory. You can also look at their eating habits, like which houseplant is toxic for male and female cats.

4. Determine the Gender by Face

How to determine if your kitten is male or female? If you want to determine gender without looking at behavior or color, try looking at their face. People who have lived with a cat for a long time can distinguish between male and female cats just by looking at their faces.

Male cats have wider noses than female cats. Female cats have more delicate and soft features than male cats, but female cats have round faces in many breeds.

What are the Behavioural Differences between Male and Female Cats?

In pets, behavioral differences are more common in males and females. Male cats are more aggressive, spray urine and leave the house when they are in their sexually mature age. Female cats usually tend to rub against almost everything and become loving.

Why are Cats Breeds Harder to Distinguish than Dog Breeds?

Cat breeds are often hard to differentiate than dog breeds. Kitten has a mix of traits, distinctive color, and a long and a short coat. Like other mammals, male cats of any kind are larger than their female counterparts. Both male and female cats weigh 7 to 12 pounds and are 8-10 inches in height.

The type of food, environment and the amount of exercise your kitten gets will decide the overall appearance of cats. At the same time, dogs’ appearances vary depending upon the breed mostly.

Should you Get a Male cat or a Female Cat?

How to Determine if Your Kitten is Male or Female

If you are looking for a cat to adopt, don’t stop while deciding the gender because it doesn’t matter. Many behavioral differences between males and females develop from kittens to adults.

The environment also plays an important role in determining your bond with your cat. Take your time to spend time with cats of both genders. The gender of a cat plays a small difference in choosing a cat.

Wrapping Up:

How to determine if your kitten is male or female? If you want to determine whether the cat is male or female, look at the physical features. You can also decide the gender by looking at their behavior, face, and color.

If you are new to adopting a cat, then take some time to differentiate between male and female cats. You can also visit a vet and take his help to determine the gender of a cat.

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