what is a male dog called

What is a Male Dog Called? 4 Things Might Make You Surprise

What is a male dog called? We generally refer to all creatures as female and males. Human beings also have names based on gender. We human beings assign every other species like cats and dogs with names based on their genders.

If we talk about pets, we have names of our pets based on their genders. Usually, a female dog is referred to as bitch, but do you know what a male dog is called. We use gender-neutral term dog for male dogs, but they have names.

What is a Male Dog Called?

What is a Male Dog Called?

We always have this question: Why don’t we call our four-legged pet with a name without identifying its gender. The dog might be a gender-neutral term. The main question that arises is what is a male dog called?

There is a disagreement over whether the term dog is gender-neutral or not. But a male dog is called the dog. Breeding calls specific terms for male and female dogs. A male dog with no children or offspring is called a stud, while a dog with children is called a sire.

There are many other terms that we can use for both male and female dogs. Some of the terms are obsolete, while some carry a negative connotation. Human beings also gave their male dogs different male names like Stuart, Tommy, etc.

Different factors decide the name of male dogs.

1. Gender Discrimination

There is only one term for both males and females for most animals. For example, all cats are called cats regardless of their gender. Occasionally we use tomcat for the male. That is why both male and female dogs are generally referred to as dogs.

Many people use the terms male and female to specify the gender, but it is not usually necessary. Nobody wants to call their male dog names like stud or sire outside the breeding world. You can name your male dog like the names of the male human being, or it’s your choice if you don’t want to name him.

2. Gendered Terms of Old Days

In the case of dogs, there were many gendered terms used for both male and female dogs. Some of the terms were considered offensive, and they carry a negative connotation. Cur is the one name used in the past but is not obsolete due to its negative connotation.

The mixed dog with an unknown breed is referred to as cur. People also started using this term for any dog which they found aggressive. Cur has become more of an insult that why it is not used anymore. Similarly, bitch is the term for female dogs, but sometimes people use it negatively, so you also think twice before using this word for a female dog or a female person.

3. Technical Term for Male Dogs

What is a male dog called? When you call a female dog a bitch it is inappropriate, but it is considered common in the breeding world. So, we do have technical terms for dogs too. Dog show enthusiasts and breeders are the only people in the world that use technical terms such as stud or sire for a dog.

  • Stud: Stud is the term used for a male dog that doesn’t have offspring. This term is used for a specific pedigree that is suitable for breeding. The female counterpart of the word stud is bitch. These two names are common in the breeding world. Stud is the term that is also used for male horses and men.
  • Sire: Sire is the technical term used for dogs with offspring. This term is used to a specific pedigree used about litter. The female counterpart of the word sire is dame, which is also used for litter.
  • Jerry: Jerry is not a technical term but is also used by most breeders. People also use this term casually for male dogs and dogs which are neutered. Many people think it is a made-up term, but many use it for male dogs; however, the opinion is different.

4. Name of Male Dogs Around the World

Every language and country has a name for its male and female dogs. In the UK, male dogs are often called rude, while mongrel is the term that is used in most parts of Australia. Some world areas call their male dogs bastard, which is inappropriate because it is aggressive and disrespectful.

Most of the nicknames for male dogs and female dogs are gender-neutral. Nicknames can also be based on the appearance of dogs like a little boy, and fatty, skinny, etc. Male dogs are also called buddy, pal, or mate. They are also named according to their breeds like mutt, hound, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Male Dog Called?

1. What is the Group of Dogs Called?

A group of dogs is called a pack or kennel. Different terms are used to call a group of dogs. Every area in the world has its name to call a group of dogs. The most common names for a group of dogs are mutts, hounds or packs, etc.

2. Why People Use the Name of Dog as an Insult?

The dog is no longer an insult to anyone in the English language. It also doesn’t carry a negative connotation in the west. Now people love animals more than in the past, so people have been aware of using this word as an insult.

Wrapping Up:

What is a male dog called? The term dog is normally used for both male and female dogs. But there are few technical names of dogs in the breeding world, such as stud, sire, etc.; if you have a male dog as a pet, then there is no need to think very much. You can name him as you want. Humans are now using male names for their male dogs, which shows that they love their dogs and consider them their family.

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