Do outdoor cats need a litter box

Do Outdoor Cats Need A Litter Box?

Do outdoor cats need a litter box? An outdoor cat may not need a litter box, but providing a litter box can prevent filth in areas. It would be best to be patient with outdoor cats because they rarely use litter boxes.

Being a cat owner, you know that you have to train your cat on these things. You have to teach them to go outside in case of any emergency, like using a litter box.

Reasons why do outdoor Cats needs a litter box

Cats are friendly and playful pets because they can easily be trained. You have to be patient with your cat and treat them all the rights and wrongs, such as using a litter box if they want to poop or pee. Sometimes it is difficult to get along with cats because they can show aggression for some reason.

Make sure to pay attention to every little action of your cat and try to spend some time with them so that they can feel safe and happy at your home.

1. It keeps gardens clean

Cats like soft and sand-like places for poop, and it seems a perfect option for an outdoor cat, but people don’t like when cats poop in their garden.

You can stop cats from pooping in someone else’s garden or area by providing litter boxes. A litter box will keep the garden safe and clean.

2. Fear of other animals

If a cat is scared of other outdoor cats or animals like dogs, they may want a litter box to stay safe and not to get in any fight.

To get rid of their habit of not using litter boxes, first, you can provide them with a safe space away from the reach of any outdoor animals.

Second, you can teach them not to use the garden or other places to poop and use the litter box.

3. He no longer wants to go outside

Like humans-cat also gets old, they sometimes get anxious around other cats and are very stressed about going outside.

They don’t want to go outside; they want to rest. Providing a litter box can help them to live a restful life.

If you don’t want to keep the litter box inside your living room, you can save a litter box in your bathroom so that your cat makes sure to use it.

4. Bad weather

There are ways to make the outside comfy and save for outdoor cats. You can shelter them for rainy and windy weather.

If you find an outdoor cat and it can’t stand the weather outside, in case you don’t want him to enter your home, you can grab a litter box for him.

5. Due to Sickness

Sometimes outdoor cats may not feel well; they want to spend some time indoors or someplace safe rather than roaming outside; in these cases, you can provide them comfort by the litter box.

Take your cat to the vet to get them properly treated. Provide the litter box nearby to poop or pee in sickness quickly. 

How to Build Outdoor Litter Box

Do outdoor cats need a litter box?  Outdoor cats are less concerned about privacy than indoor cats, and they may feel nervous while using a fully closed litter box.

So, you need to be creative when building a litter box for outdoor cats, and it may be different from an indoor cat’s litter box.

1. Make Open litter box

Firstly, build the boundary of the outdoor litter box. Build four walls that are easy to use for all cats. Make the litter box comfortable for cats and kittens.

Always make the litter box according to the size of your cat. Don’t make a litter box that is too small or too big for your cat.

2. Make sure the box is big enough

Cats are playful animals, so make sure that the litter box is large enough for a cat to move.

If you can’t find an enormous container, use a plastic bin and cut a hole so that cat can move in and out quickly.

3. Cover the litter box

You can leave the litter box open, and you can either cover the litter box if you want. A covered box may feel safe and comfy for cats, and you can build from a large container or plastic bin.

4. Choose the correct litter box

When choosing an outdoor litter box, consider that outdoor litter boxes are different from indoor litter boxes. The outdoor litter box should be fully covered.

When selecting an outdoor litter box, keep in mind that the box will need to be more durable than an indoor litter box; you should use the materials that stand the weather conditions.

5. An outdoor litter box could save a cat’s life

If a person is bothered that cats are using his garden or front yard as the toilet, he may call the animal to control authority to remove cats from the area.

We should do anything to prevent this, and an outdoor litter box is a solution. You should take the first step and help protect the cat’s community by providing them with shelters.

Where to Place Outdoor litter box?

Cats are playful animals; they live in peaceful and quiet areas. Be sure to place the outdoor litter box in less human traffic.

Find the areas away from people and neighbours’ hoods and place the litter box there.

You can place the litter box outside or in the garage if you have an outdoor cat. If you have an indoor cat, you have to decide where you can quickly go and poop.

Once your cat gets trained, she will not poop or pee anywhere other than their litter box.

How to litterbox train your outdoor cat

One of the biggest challenge an outdoor cat owner face is to litter train their cat. If you want to train them then you have to choose a litterbox that is appealing. Due to curiosity your cat might get attracted toward the litterbox. Avoid covered litter boxes because studies shows that uncovered litter box are more frequethly used than covered boxes. Cats are extremely choosy so always buy a litterbox which encourage your cat to use it.

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