why does my cat want to go outside

Why Does my Cat Want to go Outside?

Why does my cat want to go outside? Being a cat owner, you know how cats behave, and sometimes their behavior gets puzzling. Cats are active and happy pets if given proper space to play and roam freely.

Indoor cats try to escape the house and go to the yard or street. There are many reasons why cats show this type of behavior. Most house cats don’t go outside often; they only step outside when they feel bored at home. Most house cats come back inside immediately because they don’t like the outside world.

If your cat goes outside, there are chances of getting hurt or injured. House cats are not familiar with the outside environment, so always keep your home gate close and prevent them from going outside.

Why does my Cat Want to go Outside?

When living in the wild, Cats act as natural hunters; they stalk their prey, kill it, and eat it. But on the other hand, house cats are not capable of hunting and killing and depend upon you to provide them with food and stuff.

After getting everything at home, cats urge to go outside and look for prey. House cats have the genetic need to protect their territory and get out and mate if possible. Being in the house all day’s cats can show weird behaviors. It is not easy to get along with cats, but you can give them proper time so they won’t go outside.

Going outside might be dangerous, and many reasons can make them go outside. They also start spraying to mark their area or start going into the places where you don’t want them, like your bedroom or kitchen counter. Another reason cats go outside is they want to expand their territory because there is another cat, or they are looking for the potential dangers in and around the house.

Reasons Why Does my Cat want to go Outside

Going outside poses a lot of danger for your cats, including busy streets and wild animals. Naturally, your cat wants to go outside. Here are some reasons why your cat wants to escape and roam in the streets.

1. Searching for Prey

Notice the behavior of your cat when they start going outside. Housecats are not hunters, and they don’t kill, but it is not unusual if your cat wants to go outside and search for prey. Like cats, they look for prey and hunt them. If your cat starts searching for prey, escape attempts could become common.

You can stop them from searching and hunting by giving them training. Make the environment inside your home comfortable and safe. Give them proper time and play with them, so they don’t develop the habits of wild cats and stop spending their time outside.

2. Curiosity

Curiosity might be another reason your cat won’t stay inside the house and try to escape it. Pets are very curious creatures, and they always love to explore their surroundings. You may have noticed because your cat tries to go inside your bedroom or explore all the trash cans. You use different techniques to prevent them from going into your room to avoid this.

Why does my cat want to go outside? Cats try to go outside and see what is outside the front door. If you leave the house, your cat will likely notice your behavior and try to follow you. Always keep the front door shut and take your cats to the park for walking and playing so that they are no longer curious about what is outside.

3. Assessing the Environment

Besides curiosity and hunting, cats like to assess their surroundings to look for potential dangers or mates. Cats can escape your home to go for a walk in the street and find a mate. For that, you have to get your cat neutered.

If you make a comfortable and attractive space for your cat in your home, they are less likely to go outside and explore their surroundings. If your cat gets bored in your home, their attention goes outside, and they leave the house when they get the chance.

4. To Play

Cats are very active pets, and they like to play and roam. If your house doesn’t have a yard and a space for your cat to play, they like to go outside. Pets can’t always stay home as they get bored. So, if you want to prevent your cat from going outside, take them to the park every day.

When you play with them and go on a walk with them, they don’t get bored at home. This can improve their behavior of going outside and staying at home.

5. When they get Bored

Cats get bored when they stay inside with no fun activities or toys to play with. Food and puzzles keep them occupied in your home, and they will not think of going outside. Also, provide them with different treats and toys. Always set a place for your cat from where they can see outside.

If you work and leave the house daily, then there is a fair chance that your cat gets bored and finds ways to go outside to play and enjoy.

How To Stop Your Cat from Going Outside

You can’t limit the places where your cat goes. But if your cat goes outside with you, it might be dangerous for them. They can get themselves injured or hurt by a car or truck. Wild animals can also harm them, so you have to find ways to stop them from going outside.

1. Make the Escape Difficult

Train and encourage your cat to stay away from dangerous zones, including going outside. Any time you see your cat going for the front door, use an interruption like a hurdle or make a loud noise to distract them. You can prevent this by making the escape route difficult.

2. Leash Training

To stop your cat from going outside, you have to leash train them. Many cats will go outside because they don’t have space to walk or play. You can leash train them and take them outside. So, when you see that your cat is getting anxious and wants to go outside, take them to the park.

3. Provide Distractions

Setting some distractions in the house is important to keep your cat busy and entertained. You can provide your feline pet with their favorite treats and buy some cat toys. You can also keep another cat to have company and others to play with.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is going outside is dangerous for your cat?

House cats won’t have any experience living in the streets like stray cats. When they go outside, they don’t know what to expect. Outside is full of dangerous and harmful things like your cat can run out by a car or truck. Some wild dogs and cats can cause harm to your cat. If your cat is not familiar with the surroundings, it might have forgotten its way back home.

2. When do you need to install a cat door?

If you live in a friendly neighborhood and your cat has a habit of going outside for some time, you might need a cat door. It is easy for your cat to go outside and easily come back. Keep the cat door shut at night and only allow them to go outside when convenient for you.

Wrapping Up:

Why does my cat want to go outside? There are many reasons why your cat wants to leave your home and wander outside. They might get bored or curious and want to explore what is outside. They also go outside to look for potential danger or to mate. You can use different techniques and prevent them from going outside.

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