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15 Most Popular Dog Breeds In India

If you are looking for the most popular dog breeds in india, then you have come to the right place. There stands no doubt that a pet is the most loved creature on the earth. And in that too, dog is the most loyal one.

Dogs, including other pets, have been a guaranteed source of pleasure. They can help you get rid of your stress and anxiety by just spending an hour with them. 

These little creatures have a lot of potential build in them. They can be an excellent acrobating fellow to you at times and being a hard thing to tame on other days. It means you should know every trait about them so you could handle their mood switches. 

Recently, many foreign breeds of dogs have been brought to India. And among them, Palmolien and Mastiff breed is the most liked one by the dog lovers. It is quite difficult to figure out the best breed out of so many options. For figuring out the best, you must have done some prior homework to help you get through it. 

Since every dog has their own characteristic trait therefore you should know what exactly you are looking for. Because your favourite trait might be common in many but it comes with certain intimidating threats also. 

For example, if you want human-friendly together with the one who could protect you, then German shepherd might not turn out to be a good choice. Since this breed has more aggressive nature towards the person they don’t recognize. 

List of Most Popular Dog Breeds In India

Let’s find out some of the most popular dog breeds in India you can get your hands on. This article will help you find the best breed that goes well with your specifications plus the Indian climate. 

Labrador retriever  

Most Popular Dog Breeds In India

Size Large 
Height 55-60 cm or 22-25 inches
CharacteristicsActive , enthusiast, agile, adaptive, easy going, kind, playful, easy to tame and train and obedient to owner 
Group Sport breed 
Weight 65-80 kilograms
Life span 10-15 years (depending on health, performance and nutrient intake)
Colors Mild yellow, black, golden brown or chocolate

It is one of the most preferred and common breeds all across the world, not just in India. That’s too because they are generally human-friendly and loyal to their owner. 

Labrador is a British retriever gundog breed. They are friendly and high-spirited companions one could easily accompany, on early morning walks. Lab retrievers are extremely smart and turn out to be great family dogs. 

Initially, they were used to assist fishermen in fetching fish from frozen Atlantic water bodies or to carry the rope or the net. But now with enough training, they are used to hunt, show competitors, rescue or assist search missions.  

This sturdy breed comes in varied sizes depending upon the sex. Ideally, they are 21.5 to 24.5 inches to the shoulders. They weigh up to 50 to 80 pounds. Their dense coat comes in three varied colors which include mild yellow, dark and rich chocolate. They have an otter-like tail with eyes glimmering with kindness and affection. They love to wiggle their tail which represents their inbuilt eagerness. The best thing about this breed is that they love to socialize and are very welcoming towards neighboring dogs also. It means you can accompany them while going on a walk with your neighbor and their pet. 

One thing that should not be taken for less is their friendly nature. People often mistake their amiable vibe for less energy. No, it is not right. Labradors are extremely athletic and enthusiastic. They love to sport, swim or fetch in long competitive marathons. Another thing that makes it a good choice is that it is a low-maintenance dog. They have an excellent capacity to adapt to changing environments.

German shepherd

Most Popular Dog Breeds In India
Size Medium to Large 
Height 22-26 inches or 55 to 66 cm
CharacteristicsDiligent, active, protective, strong, brisk, wild, aggressive, loyal, passionate, watchful and intelligent 
Group Working and Shepherding 
Weight 50-90 pounds or 25 to 40 kg
Life span 9-13 years
Colors Sable, black grey, tan black or red. 

It is generally assumed to be the all-rounder dog. Aka Alsatian is a German breed with medium to large size. It is considered to be one agile and high intelligence breed with a noble character. This shepherd dog goes well with the Indian climate. There are many factors which make this shepherd breed stand first in the canine royalty. But sturdiness, confidence, strength and courage are some highlighting traits of this dog.

They are over-protective towards their loved ones especially owners and they could even stake their own life on getting a slight hunch of danger. This one trait makes it the best choice to be used as a guard dog. They are also recruited by the military and the police to carry out hunt and find missions. The owner has to engage his dog in a daily physical drill to retain its sturdiness and to keep it in good shape.

They are very active and immediately respond to the owner’s command.  You just have to repeat the thing 5 to 6 times and the German shepherd will learn it in the next. In addition to that, they are very responsive toward peculiar or suspicious things. Anything that sounds or smells abnormal or unusual, they will immediately intimate the owner or will start barking. 

Golden Retriever 

Most Popular Dog Breeds In India
Size Medium to large 
Height 50-60 cms or 21-24 inches 
CharacteristicsAffectionate, smart, reliable, kind, caring, active, eager and out-going. 
Group Sporting group 
Weight 25-35 kilograms or 55-75 pounds 
Life span 10-15 years. 
Colors Golden and cream. 

It is one most post-preferred breed and shouldn’t be missed out on while enlisting the most popular dog breeds in India. Golden Retrievers are very easy and friendly to train. It is a Scotland-bred retriever breed that usually comes in medium sizes. This exuberant Scottish gundog is the epitome of great beauty. They turn out to be serious seekers in search-and-rescues and extremely cuddly and playful while spending leisure time. They have an essence of obedience and competitiveness in them.

This sturdy medium dog comes with a dense golden coat form where this breed gets its name. While running, the golden retriever has a characteristic powerful gait. They love to socialize and are very eager to please their loved ones.


Most Popular Dog Breeds In India
Size Small 
Height 18-22 cm and 8-9 inches
CharacteristicsLively, head-strong, clever, energetic and active.
Group Hound Group 
Weight 5 to 15 kilograms or 
Life span 10-16 years. 
Colors Black, tan or chocolate cream colored

This superstar of the canine family is known for its ever-alert expressions and boldness. This short-legged breed is a small packet of energy ready to explode at any instant. Dachshund comes in two different miniature sizes and colors of coat. Their coat is long-haired, wired or smooth. Don’t mistake them for their small sizes since their loud bark can wake your entire neighborhood.

Dachshunds are quite hard to train as they are quite stubborn. Unlike other breeds, they don’t welcome strangers and turn out to be aggressive.


Most Popular Dog Breeds In India
Size Small 
Height 13-15 inches or under
CharacteristicsEven-tempered,  caring, lively, obedient 
Group Hound 
Weight 10-15 kilograms, 
Life span 12-15 years 
Colors Lemon and white, brown, tan, chocolate, 

The beagle breed is best for kids. Because of their excellent smelling power, they are used as sniffer dogs or scent hounds by police, and militants. It looks similar to a fox hound but a dog version of it. It is a big no to be used as guard dogs. One other thing to be considered is they often over-eat. Therefore, they need a proper watch while consuming food. Their cute little is often a thing that catches one’s eye.


Most Popular Dog Breeds In India
Size Large 
Height 53-63 cm or 21-25 inches
CharacteristicsFriendly, patient, passionate, fearless, obedient
Group Working 
Weight 25-32 kilograms
Life span 7-12 years
Colors Brindle fawn

The boxer breed is very easy to train and maintain. This whole doggy package offers you loyalty, affection, intelligence and manners. This square-muzzled dog is courageous and sometimes silly. Boxer has powerful jaws and large body. Their brown and wrinkled forehead adds to their curious look. Where they are extremely friendly and playful toward kids, they can turn aggressive if it comes to protect their loved ones. People often choose this dog to protect their children. 

This breed demands an extra care in case of their food. You feed them good they would perform well. They need early life socializing to adapt social acceptance. Boxers are extremely intelligent and love to solve puzzles and hurdles. Such drills increase both their mental briskness and physical agility. They have an athletic thrust and powerful run. 

Tibetan Mastiff 

Most Popular Dog Breeds In India

Tibetan Mastiff is guardian supremacy. These dark teddy bear-alike dogs originated from the lands of Tibet. They are mellow and subtle around the house. Due to their bear size, they are used as watch or guard dogs.

Tibetan Mastiff belongs to china, Nepal and Mongolia. Chinese use to use it to guard their sheep against other wild animals.

Being stubborn, they need to be trained at an early age with strict supervision. Consistency is the key or else they won’t get any trained habit. They cannot survive in apartments as they love free living and natural habitats. In addition to this, they are also very responsive to hot weather conditions. They are the best choice for those who live in hilly areas with low-temperature ranges.

Size Gigantic 
Height 60-77 cm or 24-30 inches 
CharacteristicsAloof, strong-willed, aloof, stubborn, obedient, hard to train 
Group Working (herding) 
Weight 35-75 kg
Life span 12-16 years
Colors Black, brown, tan grey

English Cocker Spaniel 

Most Popular Dog Breeds In India
Size Medium 
Height 14-16 inches 
CharacteristicsDignified expressions, eager, friendly and playful, adaptive
Group Sport group 
Weight 21-30 pounds 
Life span 10-14 years 
Colors Silver, Red brown, and tan colored

It is one of the most adorable and loveable dog breeds in India which you can have in your house. They are considered unbeatable in the competitive environment. People admire this breed for its gold-silk coat and delightful personality. They can fairly adapt to the changing environment. 

English Cocker Spaniel is a compact sporty dog between 15-17 inches to the shoulders. 

You can find this breed coat in different colors and patterns. They have a well-balanced temperament, movement and construction. 


Most Popular Dog Breeds In India
Size Small 
Height 10-13 inches or 25-33 cm
CharacteristicsPlayful, friendly, passionate, kind, and jovial
Group Toy 
Weight 5-16 kg
Life span 12-15 years 
Colors Black fawn or silver fawn apricot

You won’t need enough introductions to this breed as this is the common most dog you can find almost everywhere. Due to their small sizes, they are ideal to be kept at small apartments or horses. You can see the innocence glimmering in their eyes. They love to play in mud and water. This might make them look untidy. Otherwise, they hardly need a daily bath since they are tidy ones.  Their nails grow very frequently which makes the owner responsible to trim their nails on regular basis. They also don’t like having long nails. 

These lovingly pudgy dogs rarely get aggressive around strangers. They turn out to be extremely mischievous around their loved ones and children.

They spend most of their time sleeping and napping as it greatly adds to their good mood and health. They also try to please their owners by showing obedience or changing their mood. They literally live for human companionship. It means if they are not provided with a human for long or ignored, they might turn sick or unwell. 

One thing that needs to be considered strictly is that they are vulnerable towards diabetes. They can easily fall for it if their food is not closely administered.   


Most Popular Dog Breeds In India
Size Large 
Height 22-27 inches  
CharacteristicsCourageous, loyal, intelligent, self-assured and steady nature. 
Group Working 
Weight 80-135 pounds or 40-50 kgs
Life span 8-10 years 
Colors Mahogany, black and brown 

If you are looking for both affectionate and fierce protector then Rottweiler is your dog. This breed shares the lineage of roman mastiffs which makes it one of the finest dog breeds in India.

Rottweiler is also great guard dogs. Despite of having less dense coat, it still loses a lot of hair. You can use frequent brushing to get rid of fallen and dead hairs or to improve regrowth. They are often fed with fatty food to suffice their energy needs. One best thing about them is they least fall for any allergies. It observes the outer unfamiliar world with self-assured aloofness. Male Rottweiler is 24 to 27 inches at the shoulders while the female ones are bit smaller and also weigh less. They have thick lined muscles in hindquarters which add to their gait. 

Rottweiler is not unnecessarily aggressive instead they are calm and subtle. This breed is confident and courageous. They are powerful guardian with a heart of hold and bliss if properly fed and loved. 


Most Popular Dog Breeds In India
Size Large 
Height 25-30 inches or 60-77 cm
CharacteristicsEasy to train, agile, courageous, powerful, and fearless
Group Working 
Weight 30-45 kg 
Life span 10-14 years
Colors Black and fawn 

Doberman Pincher is a noble dog from the entire dogdom. This sleek and strong turn out to be a great pet if they are trained properly. They can be extremely socially oriented and loving.

These puppers have an excellent six senses which make them a good choice for protection. They are remarkably fearless and vigilant towards peculiar happenings. They immediately and wisely respond to unfamiliar people and surroundings. Plus, they readily adapt themselves to changing climate conditions.

Their body is covered with a glistening coat in black or brown. They have wedge-shaped heads and an athletic body which further adds to their personality. A well-trained Doberman on patrolling can intimidate the intruders to better not take a risk. 

Great Dane 

Most Popular Dog Breeds In India
Size Large and gigantic 
Height 28-35 inches and 70-85 cms
CharacteristicsFun-loving, active, devoted and gentle 
Group Working 
Weight 45-91kgs
Life span 8-12 years 
Colors Harlequin, black and brindle

It is rightly said the mighty Apollo of dogdom. Its high intelligence makes it easy to train. It is loyal and kind towards children and their owners. They are believed to be one of the tallest dogs of all the dog breeds out in the world. As per their age, their nutrient requirement varies. Therefore the owner should consider it and feed him as per his age and energy needs.

One problem which makes it a hard choice is it is impaired gastric bloating. Their stomach twists making digestion difficult. But this problem could be handled if they are administered with some exercises during meals. They have usually long nails which need to be trimmed regularly. During shedding seasons, their coats need to be combed to get rid of loose hair, which is otherwise not a problem in other seasons.

Their one prominent feature is their pointy intact ears which help the newbie to recognize this breed on the first encounter.


Most Popular Dog Breeds In India
Size Small 
Height 5-10 inches or 18-24 cm
CharacteristicsExtroverted, social, playful, active and intelligent 
Group Toy 
Weight 3-7 pounds or 2-7kgs
Life span 12-16 years 
Colors White and brown 

It is a spits breed dog that comes in small size. It is a favourite of royals and commoners who call Pomeranian an ideal companion. It has a fox-like face with a vivacious personality. Its abundant double-coated coat has dozens of different colors and markings. Therefore, their coat needs proper grooming and trimming.

 They are territorial. Their alertness and intelligence make them best for watchdogs. They are extremely playful around kids and whom they are familiar.

They love to master tricks and games. Such drills add to their mental agility, training and alertness.


Most Popular Dog Breeds In India
Size Medium 
Height 19-25 inches 
CharacteristicsHighly energetic, playful, kind and sensitive. 
Group Companion 
Weight 25-30 kg
Life span 10-16 years 
Colors Black and white spotted 

This spotted-coat dignified dog stands no comparison in the entire dogdom. They can be trustworthy watchdogs. This white and black spotted dog was even starred in 101 Dalmatians of Disney where it gets further stardom. Initially used as a coach dog, this dog is now used for hunting, circus performer and many other capabilities.

This breed could be great to be kept in families as they love to enjoy family companionship. They adapt well to warm conditions but couldn’t go well with cold weather conditions. It is n elegant-shaped dog which stands 19-23 inches at the shoulders.

Indian Spitz 

Most Popular Dog Breeds In India
Size Small 
Height 1.5-2.5 inches 
CharacteristicsKind, playfu, intelligent and active
Group Utility group 
Weight 11-45 pounds
Life span 12-15 years
Colors White 

People often confuse Pomeranian with Indian spits. They both belong to different breeds. Unlike Pomeranians, they have long height, and weigh more. These dog breeds in India can very much adapt the Indian climate. Their body is covered with long hairs while their head is covered with shorter ones. 

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