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Why are Pitbulls So Clingy? 6 Common Reasons For This Behaviour

Have you ever wondered that Why are Pitbulls So Clingy? Pitbulls are playful and loyal dog breeds, and most people love to adopt them. If you are a good pet owner, then you might have an idea why is your dog being clingy or showing too much affection.

If we look at this world, humans, and animals lived together. They both have basic needs like food and water. Like humans’ pets also need affection and appreciation in their life. If you are a pet owner, you know how important it is to play and spend time with your pet.

We take care of our pets and provide them with everything they need. Pets can’t do that, so they show their love and affection by being clingy. Besides affection, maybe there is something your dog needs to tell you, which is why they are clingy.

How Much Attention Your Pitbull Require?

That is the most common question asked to every Pitbull owner. Without a doubt, yes, they are very clingy, but there is a reason behind their behavior. They are very friendly and get attached to their owner easily. You don’t want to leave them alone for a long time.

If you are the owner of a Pitbull, then here are a few things you don’t want to do often:

  • Leave your house
  • Cuddle with your partner or children because Pitbulls are so sensitive
  • Shut the door of the room when they are awake and around.
  • Shut them in room once your guests arrive
  • Going to bathroom when they are angry or anxious
  • Working at home for a long time
  • Ignore them Infront of your family
  • Leaving them in car when you are running around doing work

Why are Pitbulls so Clingy?

Most Pitbulls are clingy, which can lead to a severe problems. New pet owners don’t know how much your dog needs your attention.

They are not just pets who don’t need attention, and you cant give them time when you are free. Being a pet parent is a huge responsibility, and your Pitbull requires a lot of attention.

Pitbulls also show strange behaviour like showing anger etc. If you don’t give enough attention to your Pitbull, they get angry and anxious, affecting their growth rate. Pitbull stops growing at a certain age for many reasons, and not giving enough attention is one of them.

Here are some of the reasons why your Pitbull is so clingy.

1. Due to New Person

Your Pitbull is clingy because there is a new person in the house, and you give all your attention to him. It may be a new partner, baby, visitor, or pet. Your changed behaviour can make them feel anxious, and they become too clingy.

Not only dogs but all pets need proper care and attention. If you will adopt a Pitbull, make sure that you have time for him.

2. Changed Behavior

Pets know when there is something wrong with you. It is known that animals are way ahead of humans in predicting natural disasters. So, if you are sad or stressed, your pet will be the first person to know about that.

If you have a slight change in your mood, your Pitbull is the first one to notice. If you don’t give them enough time they need, they will be sad and try to be too clingy. You also may notice every time you go out of the house or come back, and your Pitbull is the first to greet you at the door.

3. Change of Environment

Another important reason behind your dog being too clingy is that you shift to a new home and area. Your dog has a habit of living with you in the last house, and they are also aware of the surroundings, which make them feel safe.

But if you move to a new home, the circumstances are different. Shifting to another part of town is new for your pet, and they feel unsafe in the new place. That’s why you notice that your Pitbull is being too clingy.

4. Changes in Health

Dogs, like humans, also get scared when they get injured or have a disease. Being in a disease made them weak and vulnerable, and they needed a little more attention than usual. Being a pet parent, you know how important is it for you to take care of your pet and make them feel comfortable at home.

If you notice that your Pitbull is being too clingy, keep an eye on their daily diet and health. Dogs also get scared when they start having hearing issues or their eyesight reduces.

4. Aggression

Your Pitbull is being too clingy because they are dealing with anger issues. Sometimes when your dog is new, or you move to a new house, they are unaware of their surroundings, and a sudden noise can make them angry, and they start hiding behind you.

For example, there are fireworks or a music festival, and then your Pitbull might get scared and start showing anger because the loud noises disturb their sleep. Their behaviour can also change when they meet another dog and feel insecure, so they start being too clingy.

5. Mental Problem

It is not only for dogs, but their brain growth must be normal for all pets. If you want normal growth for your dog or other pets, try to engage them in different brain teasers. Dogs become too clingy when they lack mental stimulation.

Your dog needs mental stimulation to show an expected growth rate. Dogs, when they show slow growth, become physically and mentally weak, which is an unhealthy sign. If you notice that your dog shows too much affection, you must take them to the vet for proper check-ups.

6. Separation Anxiety

Being an owner of Pitbull is not easy as they are challenging pets to understand. They are too sensitive than other dog breeds and love to spend all day with you once they get attached. You have to be aware that your Pitbull is not feeling alone and happy with you.

If your Pitbull notices that you are spending too much time in your work and not giving them attention, they start to feel alone and scared, which ultimately makes them more clingy than usual.

How You Can Reduce your Pitbulls Clinginess?

Dealing with a dog that is attached to you is not a problem. But dealing with a Pitbull’s clinginess is not easy as they are very sensitive pets. You don’t want a pet around you all the time, but if it is hanging around you all day, it can make you anxious.

So, if you want to keep your Pitbull at a distance, you can use some techniques to reduce this kind of clinginess. You have to teach your dog how to be more independent, and you should also help them overcome their insecurity of being alone.

Here are some of the activities you can perform if you want to make your Pitbull less clingy.

1. Teach Them to Take Commands

You have to give proper training to your dog if you want them to follow you. For example, if you are going in the kitchen to make food and don’t want your Pitbull there, you have to teach them to listen to you and stay in the living room. Start teaching them with distances, and then move on to further steps.

2. Teach them to Go to Their Corner

You should provide your dog with its own little space to feel comfortable and happy. If your dog likes to enter your bedroom and spend most of their time there, then you have to teach them how to stay in their little corner.

Use a bed or mat to train them to spend some time in their corner. You can also provide them with toys and little treats to follow your instructions.

3. Spend Time with Them

If you want to get rid of the clinginess of your Pitbull, then you have to spend your time with them and teach them how to remain calm when you are not there.

Try to teach them a few games and tricks that can help them spend time when you are not around them. You can also take them to the park for play or walk so that they can feel free and happy.

4. Distract Them

If your Pitbull is following you from one room to another room, then give them a distraction and keep them busy. Dogs, when having nothing to do, start following and teasing you.

Please provide them with a toy or allow them to wander in the yard so that they can stop their clinginess.

Do Pitbulls get attached to one person?

Pitbulls can get attached to one person, but they do not necessarily form a strong emotional bond with just one person. They can become attached to multiple people in their family or social circle. However, if a Pitbull does form a strong attachment to one person, it is likely because that person provides them with consistent love and attention.

What Does Pitbull Separation Anxiety Look Like?

One of the most common signs of separation anxiety in Pitbulls is excessive barking. If your dog typically only barks when someone comes to the door, but suddenly starts barking excessively when you leave the house, it’s possible that they are suffering from separation anxiety.

Other common symptoms include pacing, whining, howling, and destroying furniture. If your dog exhibits any of these behaviors, it’s important to consult with a veterinarian or animal behaviorist to rule out other possible causes.

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