Why do Dogs eat Paper? 4 Important Reasons and Their Solutions

Why do dogs eat paper? If you are a dog owner, you are familiar with their habit of eating weird things. Many pets exhibit this behavior where they eat paper, thread, wires, etc., and then have digestive issues.

It is common for pets to roam in the house and find anything interesting to chew on. Many dogs developed the habit of eating paper, and it isn’t easy to get rid of their habit. For an alternative, you can use different chewing toys to help you get rid of their habit of eating paper.

Dogs eating paper is a very common habit than you think. If your dog occasionally eats paper, there is no need to worry, but if your dog eats paper a lot, it might be a problem for their health.

Dogs who eat paper have a condition known as Pica. This condition is due to multiple reasons, and in this condition, the eating behavior of dogs is not just confined to paper only.

What is Pica?

Pica is a condition that drives animals to eat non-food items like paper, dirt, thread. This condition is also common in humans too especially in women with pregnancy. In this condition brain sometimes trick your body to think that paper is something nutritious to eat.

In dogs, Pica can occur for many reasons, and mostly it is when your dog is instinctively trying to achieve a nutrient balance. Pica is hard to diagnose because vets are still struggling to determine the behavioral pattern that can make dogs eat paper. Besides eating paper, dogs show multiple other habits like male cats spraying when they feel uncomfortable.

The vet discovered that the reason for Pica is nutritional deficiencies or hormonal imbalances. The treatment of Pica includes a strong and healthy diet for your dog, including nutritional balance and vitamins.

Reason Why Your Dog is Eating Paper

Why do Dogs eat Paper

We have already discussed why dogs eat paper. Besides having Pica, there are many other reasons your dog eats paper.

1. Problem With Their Diet

The reason why your dog is eating paper is may be due to a problem with their diet. Consult with your vet and get the diet of your dog straight. The nutritional imbalance or malnutrition is the main cause of why your dog is eating paper, thread, or any non-food items. This issue can be resolved by medication and a proper diet plan on your vet’s recommendation.

One of the main reasons dogs eat paper is the smell of new paper. Paper’s smell may be appealing to your dog. Dogs often play and hunt cardboard boxes with food or an item with a good smell. Dogs are always looking for something to chew on, so they start eating paper when they find the smell of paper attractive.

3. Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is another reason why your dog is showing this behavior. You can use many methods to change your dog’s anxiety-driven behavior. Train your dog to be more comfortable in their own company and create a secure space for them to roam and play. Give proper time to your pet dogs so they can feel happy and calm in your home.

4. Dogs Eat Paper Out of Fun

Sometimes your dog eats paper because he is bored. Try to keep him busy by engaging him in training and different physical activities. Keep them stimulated in both emotional and physical activity so that your dog stops eating paper just for fun.

How to Stop Your Dog from Eating Paper

Why do Dogs eat Paper

Why do dogs eat paper? We have already discussed why your dog is interested in eating paper. If this paper eating habit is causing health issues in your dogs, you can try some alternatives and stop their habit.

1. Consult Your Vet

If your dog is eating paper, then immediately consult your vet because he can help you find the root cause of this problem. When you know the cause of the problem, you can easily eliminate that cause.

2. Train Your Dog

When you see your dog holding paper try to approach him softly and take the paper away. If he eats paper in front of you, discourage him by showing signs of anger. Slowly train them to eat only the food you give them, not anything they found lying around your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to deal with Dog when he only shreds paper?

When your dog only shreds paper and does not eat it, it is more behavioral than medical. Training and time-outs are the ways to stop your dog from shedding. You can also consult a dog trainer or your vet to get rid of your dog’s issue.

2. What are the Side effects When your Dog Eats Paper?

You will observe many side effects in your dog when he starts eating paper. Some side effects consist of Diarrhea, constipation, exhaustion, dehydration, etc. Paper is very difficult to digest, so long habits of eating paper can cause different digestive issues and permanent damage to the stomach lining.

Pica-related issues are common, and they can be solved if you give proper attention to your dog. Consult with your vet immediately. He will find out the reason for Pica and then determine your dog’s proper treatment and training.

Wrapping Up:

Why do dogs eat paper? Eating paper by pets is a common problem. If you have a habit of eating paper, then it might be the condition called Pica. This condition is common in humans too.

There are multiple reasons behind this condition, but the most obvious reason is lack of nutritious diet and hormonal imbalance. If you observe this behavior in your dog, consult with your vet or dog trainer.

This habit can be prevented by adopting a healthier diet and proper training for your dog.

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