Why Does My Cat Keep Licking Blankets?

Why Does My Cat Keep Licking Blankets?

Have you ever wondered that Why Does My Cat Keep Licking Blankets? Cats are indeed adorable creatures, they love to play around you, but sometimes they have a compulsion to lick and chew blanket; it may be a bit annoying, but it is not a big deal, so you don’t have to worry about it.

If your cat is repeatedly licking a blanket, something is wrong with your cat. There may be many reasons why your cat licks blankets; it’s your responsibility to observe your pet’s activity as a cat owner.

What does it mean when my cat licks a blanket?

Most of the time, your cat trusts you and feels comfortable around you and your things, such as a blanket. While in some cases, licking may be a sign of anxiety and frustration, which your cat is suffering from.

A licking blanket is not suitable for your pet’s health; when it starts increasing, you should visit your vet and keep your cat healthy.

Why does my cat keep licking blankets?

Why does my cat keep licking blankets?

There are several causes behind the cat’s obsession with blankets; here are some reasons to explain this behaviour.

1. Due to spilt Food

Cats are playful animals, and they love to eat, especially from places around them. They have a great sense of smell to detect spilt food and drinks. Therefore, if your blanket is stained with the scent of junk foods or beverages, your pet would jump on that.

To avoid this situation, you have to wash your blanket at least once a week. If your pet keeps doing it, you can spray a repelling scent so that they are no longer drawn towards a blanket.

2. Anxiety/ Frustration

Like humans’ cats also feel anxiety or frustration, and they do some things to feel relaxed; one of them may be licking your blanket.

Sometimes they feel anxiety due to changes in their environment and when they are grooming themselves, especially female cats. Cats like their daily routine and habits, so as a cat owner, you have to pay attention to your cat and help to reduce her anxiety and make her feel better; it helps stop your pet from licking blankets.

3. Joy/Happiness

Cats are adorable creatures; they like to play with things around them. Therefore, licking your blanket may be one of their ways to feel happiness.

Cats lick blankets because they may find them satisfying and comfortable; it signifies that your cat is happy or relieved.

Cats are attached to their owner, and they often want anything that belongs to their owner; maybe the scent of your blanket attracts her, and she starts licking it to show her affection towards you.

4. Pica disorder

In 2019 a study has been conducted on cats with chronic fabric ingestion. The main reason behind chronic fabric ingestion is pica disorder. Pica disorder is common in cats, and it is the urge to lick or chew inedible items.

This behavior causes severe problems and can cause blockage in your pet’s intestine, which is dangerous for her health.

As an owner, you should be attentive towards your pet, keep looking at all her activities, and take a severe step when they start licking blankets or something like fabric or toys.

5. Compulsive licking

After finding all the above reasons and managing to eliminate them, if your cat keeps doing that, you have to accept that there is no trouble and that your cats want to spend time licking a blanket.

If you find it troubling and want to stop your pet, you should contact a vet that helps your cat stop doing the compulsive licking.

6. Separation

Sometimes cats must lick blankets because they were removed from their moms too soon. Cats who got separated from their homes and mothers have developed the habit of licking and sucking things to feel safe.

Is it normal for cats to lick blankets?

Is it normal for cats to lick blankets?

Yes, it is normal for cats to lick blankets for several reasons. They may like the taste and texture of the blanket. In some cases, they groom themselves by licking blankets. They may feel warmth or comfort in their owner’s blanket.

Licking behavior is normal for people, but in some cases, you need to keep in mind that cat licking is a dangerous habit.

 Not all cats lick blankets, But if your cat is obsessed with licking blankets, you might be dealing with some concerning behavior.

Why My Cat doesn’t stop licking my blanket?

There may be some reasons why my cat won’t stop licking the blanket, and they are showing this behavior because it may be their favourite blanket, and your cat feels comfortable and happy. In some cases, your cat may suffer from a disorder and get obsessed with licking blankets.

Why Does my cat keep licking fiber?

There are many reasons why your furry pet keeps licking fiber in the blanket. The first reason why cat lick blanket is maybe she likes the texture or smell of the blanket. They will also lick the blanket if there is some food on it.

According to the vet, cat licks blankets to get rid of the unpleasant smell on their coat. They show this behaviour when shedding because parasites are hard enough for a cat to remove by themselves.

When should you worry about your cat’s licking habit?

You don’t need to worry too much about your cat’s licking habit because it’s usually typical among cats. But you should observe your cat’s activity and examine if she is licking other objects. If your cat is showing signs or symptoms of any disease or disorder, you need to consult your vet and keep the licking habit under control.

How to stop your cat from licking blanket

How to stop your cat from licking blanket

There are some solutions to stop your cat from licking blanket, and we are going to discuss them below:

1. Buy chewing toys for your Cat

Cats love to play around and especially with owners. When they feel their owner’s scent on the blanket, they start licking it. So, to stop this, you need to buy them chewable toys which make them distract from the target.

2. Reduce your Cat’s Stress

When cats don’t get the attention they need, they start doing other activities: licking your blanket. Try to give more attention to your pet and spend time with them often.

3. Use the Detergent on your blanket

Cats have a keen sense of smell, and they readily detect the aromas around them. If your cat is repeatedly going after your blanket, spray a non-toxic detergent on your blanket but make sure that scent doesn’t irritate you.

4. Provide all your Cat’s need

One of the reasons why the cat is licking is because of the unavailability of the environmental needs of your pet. When cats don’t get what they need, they run away and start tampering with things and maybe start licking a blanket where they may feel safe.

5. Keep checking your cat’s behavior

As a cat owner, try to keep an eye on your pet’s activity, and when they start licking a blanket or some other objects, try to stop it. The behavior is not bad in most cases, but if your cat is obsessed with licking, you need to stop it immediately.

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Wrapping Up:

It’s natural for a cat to groom itself by licking fabric or blanket; there is nothing to be worried about. All the reasons why your cat is licking things have been discussed in detail. It is not a bad habit, but sometimes your cat gets obsessed with licking, which is not suitable for their health.

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