best Chew proof crate pad for dog

5 Best Chew Proof Crate Pad for Dogs

Being a dog owner, I don’t like to come back home and see a chewed-up dog bed. My dogs chew a lot which means he is chewing the bed on which he sleeps. Other dog owners who have been in this position will know how important it is to buy an indestructible dog crate that can withstand any attack from canine teeth.

To avoid the situation where your dog chews its bed, you have to train your dog. Train him not to chew the bed and provide different chewing toys. The best solution is to find an indestructible chew-proof crate pad that can withstand your dog’s chewing. Here’s we have discuss about best Chew Proof Crate Pad for Dogs.

Why Do Dogs like to Chew on Things?

One of the main reasons behind chewing is that your dog is getting bored. If you are away all day for work and your dog is home, alone, waiting on you, he gets bored. This makes them chew on their belongings like eating paper, chewing bed, etc. Boredom can make them chew on different things just for fun.  

To control their habit, you have to provide them with alternative things to chew because you can’t stop them from chewing; it’s their natural habit. You can offer different chew toys and toys that dispense food. Save some toys when they get irritated and their chewing increases for some reason. Before leaving your house in the morning, make sure to provide them with food and water along with their favorite chew toys.

Another reason behind chewing is that your puppy goes through teething, which makes them chew to relieve their pain. Dogs like to chew everything like human babies to get a new taste for fun.

Sometimes different health reasons make them aggressive, and they start chewing a lot. Make sure to take them to the vet if your dog develops irregular chewing habits and get them checked. Chewing can also result in digestive and stomach issues because chewing sometimes ingests material that is not good for their health.

5 Best Chew Proof Crate Pad for Dogs

It is not easy to find an indestructible bed, and your dog won’t chew it. There are a lot of factors to consider if you want to buy a bed that is tough and strong. First, observe your dog and note when your dog likes to chew. If your dogs chew a lot, you need a durable and long-lasting bed.

Being a dog owner, I also struggle to find a good chew-proof bed that will be comfortable for my dog and withstands constant chewing. I have compiled the list of the best Chew proof crate pad for dogs. Each of which has its unique design and feature. You can choose anyone according to your requirement.

1. Frisco Quilted Dog Crate Mat

Frisco quilted dog crate mat is among the best chew-proof crate pad for dogs. This crate mat emphasizes comfort so that your dog feels relaxed on this mat. The foam of this mat is quite airy, and it also contains extra polyester fiber. The cover of this pad is also made of polyester, which provides it with some extra support.

Measure the crate before buying this pad for your dog. The edges of this crate pad are a little taller than its center so that your dog has a place to rest his head comfortably. This bed is available in different sizes, and it can easily fit into many crates of various sizes.

Frisco quilted accommodate dogs of different sizes and breeds. One of the amazing features of this pad is that it is absorbent, and you can easily wash any debris on it. You can easily wash this crate pad in the washing machine.

One of the drawbacks of having this crate pad is that heavy chewers seem to tear this product after some time. This crate bed sheds itself even after a month.


  • It is a comfortable crate pad for both cats and dogs
  • It is absorbent
  • Easily washable


  • Not suitable for heavy chewing
  • Absorbent for long-haired dogs

2. Precision Pet Products SnooZZy Sleeper Dog Crate

Precision pet products SnooZZy sleeper dog crate is also popular among dog owners. This crate pad is made of polyester, providing strength and comfort. This pet crate is good for traveling, and you can easily roll it up for storage and mobility.

The bottom of this crate pad has a non-skid structure that prevents the crate from sliding. You can easily wash this crate in the washing machine too. SnooZZy sleeper comes in different sizes, so if you have dogs of different sizes, buy this crate pad. It is mostly best suited for young dogs.

One of the main features of this mat is you can carry this mat with you if you and your dog are taking a little trip. This crate mat is strong, so it is unnecessary to worry if your dog occasionally chews it as it can withstand that chewing.

One of the drawbacks is that many dog owners think this mat is too thin for short hair dogs. Although SnooZZy sleep dog crate is strong, constant chewing from large dogs results in holes after a few months.


  • Helpful for traveling
  • Durable and strong
  • Easily Washable


  • Material is too thin
  • Constant chewing results in holes

3. MidWest Deluxe Micra Terry Bed

Midwest deluxe Micra terry bed is among the best Chew proof crate pad for dogs. The material is ultra-soft and is made up of polyester with a cotton base. It is easy to clean and wash this pad, making it a perfect choice for your dog. It is the ideal bed that you can use with any size dog.

If your dog loves to play and drag things around, then don’t worry; this crate can handle all these things. The seams are strong, so they hold up if your dog continues to chew and drag this pad. This crate pad comes with a warranty of one year from the manufacturer. You can get this pad in seven different sizes.

The main advantage of buying this crate pad is you can easily remove and put it in the washing machine for cleaning. After cleaning, you can easily dry this up without damaging it. One disadvantage is that some dogs won’t feel comfortable because it isn’t thick. It is perfect for small dogs because large dogs don’t feel comfortable in this thin crate pad.


  • Lightweight
  • Easily Washable
  • Cushioned poly/cotton base


  • Thin material
  • Suitable for small dogs only

4. AIPERRO Dog Crate Pad

AIPERRO dog crate pad is a good choice if you buy a crate pad with breathable material. This crate pad is not only slim but also it is portable. It is best suited for people who live in hot areas, and summer lasts for long. The pad comes in four different sizes, a good fit for any standard crate.

The AIPERRO dog caret pad is both hand and machine-washable, making it easy for busy dog owners. The material is of great quality, making it comfortable for your dog. It has a squishy fill and plush velour color, giving AIPERRO extra softness.

Product ImageProduct FeaturesCheck Price
Cozy and Durable
Anti-Slip Backing
Easy to Clean and Maintain
Versatile Design
Size Details
Perfect Summer Gift for Dogs
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If you have a mild chewer dog, this crate pad is good as it can withstand their bite. One of the main features why people buy this is its material easily be cleaned, and you can remove pet hair. This pad is reasonable, and buying it won’t overbudget you.


  • Anti-slip backing
  • Highly affordable
  • Best for mild chewers


  • Not for heavy chewing

5. K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Dog Crate

The K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Dog Crate Pad is among the best chew-proof crate pad for dogs. It is made up of fleece which redirects the body heat back to your pet. The bottom of the pad is made up of non-slip material that keeps the pad from sliding. This pad is comfortable and durable if you want it for your dog.

This pad is available in different size ranges, but it is highly recommended for adult dogs. Each pad comes with a slit to easily fit into many other crates. You can wash the whole pad easily.

One of the main reasons you buy this crate pad is that if your pet is short-haired, he will feel comfortable in these types of crate pads. These beds can easily be used for both cats and dogs.

If your dog chews a lot and belongs to a large breed, this bed might not be chew-resistant for long. The thickness of this crate pad can also create discomfort in your pet which might irritate them.


  • Self-warming pads
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Machine washable


  • Thick material for warm weathers
  • Not a good option for heavy chewers

Factors to Consider When Buying Chew Proof Dog Bed

Dogs have a bad habit of chewing on different things. They chew most things, mostly their toys, collars, or even their bed. If you are looking to purchase a chew-proof crate pad for your dog, then do proper research on the different features you want in that pad.

Here is the list of a few things you look out for before buying a Chew proof crate pad for dogs.

1. Material

If you want something durable that resists your dog’s strong teeth, then look for a material that doesn’t wear out easily. A dog bed made of soft or thin fabric won’t stand a chance against chewing. Always consider the material that is waterproof and easy to clean. Chew-proof crate pads are sometimes costly, so make a good purchase so you won’t have to buy a new one every month.

2. Size

The chew-proof bed comes in different sizes, and you can buy any size according to your dog’s weight. Many pads are made for small dogs, while others are made for every dog. The size of the pad is according to the space you have for your dog in your house. If you have multiple dogs, make sure to buy a chew-proof bed for each one according to their size.

3. Design

The design of the chew-proof crate pad affects the strength and durability, so carefully decide the design before making the purchase. I prefer the crate pad with a boxy shape and the hard side, making it more difficult for dogs to chew them. Like some dogs like to pull the stuff out of bed, so buy a durable crate pad so that they won’t be able to tear it apart.

4. Comfort

I have heard most from dog owners about crate pads: are they comfortable? The comfort of the dog bed and its pad depends upon the material you buy for them. It is where your dog sleeps, lounges, naps, and even eats, so comfort should be your priority in purchasing a chew-proof crate pad for dogs.

Why you Need to Buy a Chew Proof Crate Pad for Dogs

Some people think these chew-proof crate pads are not important for dogs. Not having a pad is understandable if the bed base is smooth and doesn’t cause rashes on your dog’s skin. But if the base is not smooth, you have to buy the mat for your pet’s comfort.

Here are some other reasons why these carte pads are necessary.

1. Minimize Pressure

The material of the crate sometimes puts pressure on your pet’s body. It can be uncomfortable for a dog and cause joint problems or leave rashes on the puppy’s skin. Having proper support and comfort will give your dog a good sleep, and they remain active during the day.

2. Provide Warmth

Dogs need crate pads that are well insulated, especially in the winter season. Some dogs are skinny and can’t directly sleep on the bed, so you have to purchase a crate pad that will provide warmth and comfort to sleep properly.

3. Multiple Purposes

The great thing about buying a chew-proof crate pad is it can also be used for other purposes. They can also serve as the car seat for your dog while traveling. You can also take the crate pad out of the crate and keep it in sunlight for the day so your dog can play and rest in the yard.


You must make a purchase and buy a good chew-proof crate pad. I recommend the MidWest Deluxe Micra terry bed, which is lightweight and a comfortable choice for your dog. It is made of polyester and has a cotton base that makes it a soft and comfy bed for your dog. You can easily remove and wash it in a machine every week. This is a long-lasting crate pad and is a perfect choice for your dog.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I get my Pet to stop Chewing on his bed?

If you want your dog to stop chewing, first find out why this behavior. Check with the vet and find out if they have any health issues that make them aggressive. Try to train your dog to stop chewing on other things and buy them chewing toys that won’t hurt their gums. Dogs always respond to praise and rewards, giving them rewards for their good behavior. Play with them and make them comfortable in your home.

Wrapping Up:

If you want to find out the best Chew proof crate pad for dogs, then do research and find out which of the above crate pad is best for your dog. Always look for durability and comfort while purchasing crate pads.

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