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Do Dogs Swim Faster than Humans

Do dogs swim faster than humans? Dogs are very loyal pets, and if you spend time with them, you realize that real quick. They love to play and go on a walk with their owners. Once get comfortable with their owners, dogs like to spend more time with them.

They like to walk around with their owner to feel comfortable and safe. Being a dog owner, you know that pets are very loving creatures, and you can spend quality time with them once you get to know them and feel safe around them. Dogs also like to swim, and they spend their summers swimming in your pool.

Do dogs Swim Faster than Humans?

The most common question every dog owner must have heard in their lifetime is, do dogs swim faster than humans? Dogs can swim between 1-2 mph depending upon the type of breed and size of the dog. Most dogs like to swim slow, but many dogs love to swim fast. Like Portuguese water Spaniel, dogs with webbed feet will likely swim the fastest.

There is no doubt that dogs are great swimmers, and their speed is very remarkable if we compare them with their physical health. Dogs have small bodies, and their bodies are not in favor of swimming, but despite that, dogs swim faster than many pets.

There are many reasons dogs swim so much faster besides having the physical disadvantage. On average, humans can swim and reach a speed of over five mph, and this speed is among their very top performance. Humans have much bigger bodies than dogs, giving them a physical advantage.

Our bodies make us perfect to swim easily faster than most animals on earth. When looking at how fast a dog can swim compared to humans, it could be said that humans do swim faster than dogs for multiple reasons. But dogs can also swim faster than a person with low swimming abilities.

What Makes Dogs Good Swimmers?

Dogs love to swim, and water is something they can resist. If you have a dog and a pool in the house, then it is a must for your dog to go and have a swim in the pool once a day. It’s their ritual to play with water every day and spend quality time. Not all dogs are swimmers, so here are some categories that give us an idea of different swimmers and why this category makes them good swimmers.

1. Natural Swimming Instinct

Many dogs are natural-born swimmers. Dogs have been used in hunts and games for centuries, and swimming has been one of the dogs’ skills since the past ages. But only a few breeds came into this category, such as golden retriever, Newfoundland, Goldendoodles, etc.

These dogs have some characteristics which make them swim better than other dogs.

1. Webbed Paws: Every dog has webbed feet, which are similar to the feet of human beings. Dogs who are natural swimmers usually have webbed feet, which covers the large surface area. This trait and physical advantage allow dogs to be the best swimmers.

2. Strong Legs: Strong legs are one of the main physical advantages which makes them good swimmers. Doggy paddles are the foundation of a great doggy swimmer because they have strong front legs, which allow them to power through the water.

3. Thick Coats: Many dogs are born with double coats that give them extra insulation when cold. Thick coats may sound like a physical disadvantage, but they can help when your dog is about to swim in cold water. Thick coats protect from the weather and other stuff. Dogs such as golden retrievers have oily double coats, helping them repel water and make them less heavy during swimming.

2. Train for Swimming

If your dog is not a natural swimmer, don’t worry; plenty of dog breeds are not good at swimming. Swimming is a skill that humans and animals both can easily learn. Training is something that can make your dog the best swimmer in town.

You can provide training to your dog from an early age and make sure your dog feels confident with the water and has no fear of water at all. Some dogs face fears of drowning, which the proper training can easily overcome. Start by allowing them to play and spend their time in shallow water, and after some time, introduce them to deep water.

You can start with them in the pool to make them more confident and comfortable. Your dog will likely follow you when you swim with them every day and enjoy your time together.

3. Dogs that Can’t swim

Just because most dogs swim, don’t assume that your dog can also swim. Do dogs swim faster than humans? In some cases, yes, but that doesn’t make your dog a good swimmer. Dogs that can’t swim have faced many disadvantages and difficulties.

There are many reasons why your dog can’t swim, and one of the main reasons is their legs are too short, which means they can’t move forward, and there are chances that they get drowned. Dogs having flat noses have difficulty breathing underwater, and it is not a good decision to make them go into the water.

Dogs facing overweight issues also find it difficult to learn how to swim. Obese dogs with short legs combined provide them physical disadvantages, which prevent them from being good swimmers.

Benefits of Swimming for Dogs

Swimming is a good form of exercise for you and your pet. Swimming provides overall good health and aerobic workout which tones and strengthen muscles. Swimming can also be beneficial as therapy for dogs recovering from an accident or injury.

You can teach your dog how to swim and play with him every day, making your bond stronger with your pet. Here are some benefits your dog might get from all the swimming.

1. Improve Overall Health

Swimming is one of the best forms of physical exercise for you and your dog. One minute of swimming is equivalent to 5 minutes of running. It provides many health benefits, such as strengthening your heart, lungs, and bones. It also decreases inflammation, increases metabolism, and improves circulation. Swimming can give you a happy dog who can run and play with more energy and stamina.

2. Stress relieving

To relieve stress, therapists often recommend joining a swimming class. The same is true with our pets, so if your dog is suffering from a stressful period or has gone through major surgery, then give them a chance at swimming. Swimming is good for their mental health, but it is the best exercise for relieving stress. A happy and stress-free pet is what you need in your home to live a happy life.

3. Good for Joint Issues

Swimming is good for your dog if he suffers from any joint problems or weight issues. When dogs swim, water takes most of your dog’s weight and supports their body. This relieves the pressure and stress on the skeletal system and joints, which comfort your dog. Swimming also helps dogs move in a certain way is different when they walk on solid ground.

All these benefits make swimming a good option to improve their mental and physical health.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What to do when my dog is not a natural swimmer?

If your dog is not a natural swimmer, don’t worry about that. You can train your dog to be a good swimmer. Swimming is something which can easily be learned with proper training and guidance.

If your dog likes to go in the water and try to swim, but if they can’t, you can hire a professional trainer for them. Teach your pet with patience and reassurance so that they can learn swimming and enjoy the next summer with you.

2. Where and When Should I take my dog swimming?

There are many ways for your dog to enjoy the water and get happy. You can take your pet to the local pond or creek for a swim. If your dog likes to go into the ocean and then take him to the ocean and allow them to swim there, take precautions for their safety.

If you don’t have an outdoor swimming pool or any backyard pool, you can make an artificial pond or small pool for your dog in the house to enjoy the swimming.

Wrapping Up:

 Do dogs swim faster than humans? Dogs have good swimming speed, but if we analyze it generally, humans have more swimming speed due to more physical advantage. If your dog is healthy and has a good swimming speed, they are better than humans with fewer swimming abilities.

Swimming can help improve your dog’s health, thus providing strength to their bones, body, muscles, etc. Take your dog swimming, especially when going through a stressed period.

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