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Why Does My Cat Slap me with his Tail?

Why does my cat slap me with his tail? Humans show their feelings by facial expressions, but their tail is the way to know about their feelings for a cat. Cats are playful animals, and they love to play with their owner. They have different ways of showing their love, by lurking around your legs or throwing their tail on you.

Cats can’t speak, so sometimes it’s difficult to tell cats’ behaviour; that’s why she wants to tell you her story by making different moves. As an owner, you need to examine your pet activities. Tails are the signs of mood, so maybe the tail tells you what’s happening with your cat.

Cats like to tease their owners about getting their attention. If your cat starts to develop a habit of slapping you with a tail, notice their behaviour why they are doing this.

Why does my cat slap me with his tail?

Cats like to show affection and care when they want to. You often notice when you come home after a long day that your cat jumps into your lap to take lots of cuddles. They often slap you with their tail during cuddling when you get distracted with their phone or something else.

It is not easy to get along with cats, but you ignore it by taking it as a sign of teasing and affection if you casually slap. But if your cat is showing this behaviour often in a day, notice why they are behaving this.

Maybe they are trying to tell you that they are hurting or getting injured. Examine the cat and look at its body to see any signs of injury.

Bells on cat collars provide you with the location of your cat while you are busy. This tip can save them from injury or an accident, but there may be another reason why your cat is slapping you with the tail.

Tail swiping is one of the ways of cat communication, So as an owner, you have to find out what’s going on with your pet. There may be several reasons for this.

1. To Stay Away

Usually, cats are loveable and friendly pets, but sometimes they don’t like your existence and don’t want you around them. If your cat smacks you with his tail, it means he is telling you to stay away from his way. That usually represents that the cat is uncomfortable or afraid of you.

Cats are playful with their owners and have methods of showing affection, but sometimes he shows irritating moods like he knocks things with his tail and ruins the furniture.

This cat’s mood can be due to various reasons, and the most common reason behind aggression or irritation is that they are suffering from injury or wound.

2. Due to irritation

It’s the nature of a person that sometimes he needs space or maybe gets irritated by others and wants to spend time alone. Animals show the same behavior; sometimes, they get irritated by others’ presence.

Cats show their irritation through different body parts; a flip of the tail is common to show disgust. If he is irritated when you are playing with him for a long time and has had enough, he starts hitting you with his tail to stop you.

When you observe these signs, you can ensure that your cat is irritated and annoyed by something. If you see this behavior, the best you can do is leave your cat and walk away.

3. Mealtime

When your cat hits you by his tail, it may be because of hunger. The flicking of the tail is the sign of your cat to convey to you the message that he is hungry and wants something to eat.

They usually eat at the same time as their daily routine, but sometimes, they need more food; slapping you with his tail is the sign of requesting food.

They may also do it when you are eating something, and they also want it. Cats like to chew on something even when they are not hungry so keep some snacks so your cat won’t irritate you or slap with the tail to get some snacks.

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4. Needs Attention

Unlike other animals’ cats are not very fond of affection; they usually tolerate short-time petting from their owner. A cat seated at your feet and gently hitting you with its tail is most likely showing you a sign of affection. Tail slapping is one of the tactics of your cat when he wants attention from you.

Cats are playful and love to do a lot of activities, and they like to cuddle with their owner, they can’t speak, so they come by and whack you with their tail to indicate that they want your affection and time.

5. Playful Touch

Cats enjoy being near their owner and sometimes want to tease them for entertainment. Cats enjoy touching you and become happy to see you bothered.

Tail Swapping is the way to get your attention; they wander around beneath your feet when working or unintentionally ignore them.

Cats love to get all the attention to themselves, so when you are busy and not giving enough time to them, they get playful and start slapping you with their tails. Try to play with them in their free time so that your cat won’t disturb you when you are working.

6. Cat is angry

When your cat is angry, he might slap you with his tail. There are several reasons why he is angry? Maybe he saw you petting another cat. Like humans’ cats are also possessive, and they can’t bear that their owner is petting other pets.

Smacking you with a tail is essentially telling you that something has pushed their buttons, and they are going through some anxiety or temper.

They may also smack you when you are busy with your work or not giving them attention, they want to play, and you leave them disappointed. If you see your cat is furious, make slow moves towards him and avoid making any sudden moves that make him angrier.

7. Curiosity

Why does my cat slap me with his tail? Cats are intelligent animals, and they want to know everything you are up to. Like when you are doing laundry, washing dishes, and busy doing some other work, they want to investigate all your activities and everything you do in front of them.

If you shoo your cat away when doing these activities, your cat might hit you my tail and try to tell you that he is interested in what you are doing. They often leave the house and wander the streets to explore the neighbourhood.

8. Scared

A nervous cat can be very disappointed; he may start to slap you with his tail, and maybe he is trying to tell you something. If he slaps you when you are moving to another room, maybe he is trying to show you a sign of fear.

As an owner, you need to take care of it by observing your cat’s behavior. Your cat might be scared, and he wants you to hold him or maybe accompany him. Sometimes if you have dogs as a pet, you may get scared by the dog, and by slapping, he is trying to tell you about the danger.

9. Accidental touch

Some cats have sensitive tails, so they may hit you with their tail if you accidentally touch them. In this case, you need to be careful while petting them. The only way to avoid the hit is not to touch its tail at all.

Accidental touch can make your cat angry, and then they start slapping you with his tail as a sign of anger. If you accidentally touch them on their tail, hold and cuddle with them so that they know it is by accident and they feel safe.

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Why Does My Cat hit me often?

There are many reasons why your cat hits you every time you pass by. One of the main reasons is that they are angry with you for some reason. They often show anger when you don’t give enough time or attention to them.

They can also hit you when they don’t tell you that you are hurting or get injured. Whatever the reason behind their behaviour, pay attention to what your pet is trying to say to you.

Wrapping Up:

Why does my cat slap me with his tail? A cat’s tail contains excellent insight into the secrets of its emotions. Some people say that a cat only uses their tail expressively when they are mad; this is not always the case; a cat’s tail shows a variety of emotions.

Sometimes your cat needs attention, or he/she maybe wants food. As an owner, the more you watch the cat, the more you will understand what he/she is trying to say.

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