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How to Make Your Cat Smell Good

How to make your cat smell good? Being a cat owner, it’s your responsibility to take care of the hygiene problems of your cat. You don’t want to come home and see a dirty and smelly cat running around your home.

Coming home after a long hectic day and hugging your cat is undoubtfully the best feeling of being a cat parent. Running your finger through her furs relaxes your nerves and makes you feel calmer and more relaxed. But bad odor can take your day’s conclusion.

So, you have to keep your cat clean and fresh all the time. You can use different tips and techniques to keep your cat smelling good during the whole day.

Reasons why my cat smells bad?

How to make your cat smell good? Normally cat does not smell bad because they are known for their cleanliness. It’s not easy to figure out the reason for the smell. Being a cat owner, it’s your responsibility to observe your cat and determine its reason.

There might be various reasons why they smell bad. It could be due to the presence of something that smells bad near them, bad health, or unhygienic problems.

Cats like to play a lot, and it is not easy to get along with cats. They are predators, so they urge to go outside and look for prey. When your cat goes outside, he can explore everything he finds interesting. Sometimes, a garbage can is of interest, and they sort it.

The smell from garbage or stagnant water can make them dirty, and they smell bad. Cats don’t need to get washed, so as a cat owner, it is your responsibility to clean them after their trip outside the home.

Here are some reasons why your cat smells bad all the time.

1. Marking his territory

The smell is the normal way of communication in the animal world. Cats have a unique social structure, don’t like to share territory, and are not used to confrontation. When confrontation happens, they get frustrated and angry.

Cats are territorial animals, and they don’t like other animals to cross their territory or region; that’s why they do marking to minimize their distance from other animals.

Marking territory is the way of telling other cats that they are in their area. The drops of urine outside the litter box mean that the cat is marking territory, and this urine can cause a bad smell around them.

2. Badmouth

The mouth is a big source of bad odor. If you notice your cat has bad breath or is rubbing her mouth with paws, there might be a mouth problem. There could be several reasons for bad breath.

  • Dental disease is the most common cause of bad breath in cats. So, it’s important to clean your cat’s teeth daily.
  • Cats are playful and happy animals; they are everywhere searching for food. The bad mouth could be due to the sticky food she ate.
  • Old cats specially develop badmouths. So, when they groom themselves, the bad smell from their mouth transfers to their coat.
  • A bad mouth is caused by tooth decay, or it may be a sign of chronic illness, so you should check your cat’s mouth and see if their breath is bad.

3. Hygiene problem’s

Normally Cats are fond of cleanliness, but sometimes they find it hard and do not groom themselves, which causes hygiene problems. As a cat owner, you should be careful that sometimes cats carry harmful germs that can cause various illnesses in them.

It would help if you bathed your cat once or twice a day. If you have an indoor cat and like to stay clean and at home, there is no need to bathe him daily.

But if your cat likes to wander outside almost every day, then bath them the minute they come back from outside. This will keep your cat clean and keep her smell good.

4. Litter box issues

First, if you wonder why my cat smells bad, check her litter box. Cats like to play in their litter box, and during playing, they poop and pee, which causes a bad smell. You need to check the litter box daily to prevent a stinky bad smell.

Don’t allow your cat to play around the litter box and keep all the garbage bins outside so your cat won’t find and explore them out of curiosity.

5. Health issues

Cats are fond of cleanliness, and they don’t let the stain of urine or poop remain on their body until they are suffering from health issues. As you know, all body organs are related to each other, the problem of the stomach can be carried to the mouth.

If she is suffering from some health issue, she may not be able to clean herself, and as a result, it can cause a bad odor.

How to make your Cat smell good

Being a cat owner, it’s your responsibility to take good care of your cat. To stop your cat from smelling, first, you need to examine where the smell is coming from. Might she be playing with garbage? Or she may eat stinky food? Or does she have a bad odor?

Here are some ways that help your cat to smell good.

1. Grooming

Most cats are self-groomers. They take a long time to groom their selves. But some cats, especially elder ones, have problems keeping themselves clean. Similarly, the cats taken away from their mothers early are bad groomers.

It would help if you were patient with your cat. One of the best ways to keep cats smell-free is to bathe. Try to give your cat a proper bath. A bath will not only remove the stinky smell but also freshen your cat.

Also, before bath, trim your cat’s hairs as you know long hairs are not good for health. After the bath, brush her hair, cut their nails, and get her a pet deodorant.

2. Check their diet

What we eat is essential, so try to change your Cat’s diet because some foods can change the odor of your cat. Try to give the pet food that suits them. There are many foods item that can be made their breath smell bad. Eating these kinds of food is not good for your cat’s stomach and digestive system.

Also, take a strict step on cats because they roam around garbage and eat stinky food that causes bad health issues. Changing their diet can affect their smell.

3. Clean the surrounding

As a cat owner, you need to take care of the cleanliness of your cat, so regularly clean the surroundings and stuff of your cat and maintain your cat’s litter box, so it doesn’t smell bad.

Your cat loves to play in the litter box, and sometimes she poops inside it while playing, so you have to clean the litter box that prevents the bad smell and serious illness.

How Can I Make My Cat Smell Better Without a Bath?

Sometimes it’s frustrating to take your cat for a bath, and even you take them for a bath, it’s almost difficult to make them smell good. There are some ways you can make your cat smell good without a bath.

1. Cat Wipes

Using cat wipes is the best option to clean them, and they can be used daily. Cats are sensitive to chemicals and ingredients, so the owner should use the right one.

Many Wipes contain aloe vera and Vitamin D to keep your cat coat bright and shiny. You can buy wipes that contain only useful and natural fragrances in them.

2. Waterless Cat Shampoo

You can use the waterless shampoo that will moisturize your cat’s skin and coat. Spray this on your cat’s coat, and then dry off your cat with a towel. It gives a relaxing and soothing fragrance that you and your cat will enjoy.

3. Get them a Pet Deodorant

If you don’t want to bathe your cat, clean them up with a wet cloth and put a pet deodorant on them. In winters, your cat avoids bathing, but you need to get rid of that smell so that pet deodorant can help in these cases.

But a good pet deodorant with all the natural ingredients and no item can cause allergy issues in your cat.

How do I keep my house from smelling like a cat?

Many ways can help you to keep your house from smelling like cats. You can use the room spray and try different fragrance candles. Also, keep the windows open for proper ventilation. Clean the garbage bins and litter of your cat every day.

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Wrapping Up:

How to make your cat smell good? Cat’s smell can’t tell you a story, So as a cat owner, it’s your responsibility to examine your cat’s habits and behavior. Check if your cat is roaming around the garbage box or suffering from bad health issues, and find where the smell is coming from and what needs to be done next to diagnose and treat it.

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