when do golden doodles stop growing

When do Goldendoodles Stop Growing?Here Is What You Need To Know

When do Goldendoodles stop growing? Growing of your dog depends on the mind of the puppy owner. You can’t predict how big your puppy will be once fully grown. There are so many types and hybrids, so it becomes difficult to determine when your Goldendoodle stops growing.

Goldendoodles are the active dogs you ever have, and they love to play and roam around the house. If you think of adopting a pet, go with Goldendoodles to fill your life with love.

When do Goldendoodles Stop Growing

Goldendoodles grow and develop at different rates, and some of them are early bloomers while some take a lot of time to reach maturity. Goldendoodles grow within the first 6-8 months. They continue to grow from 1-2 years and reach their full height at 14 months.

They typically stop growing at 16 months, but every Goldendoodle grows at different rates. Some reach their adult height and weight faster than others. Smaller dogs reach their full size in around nine months. Larger breeds like standard Goldendoodles take 14 months. In general, Goldendoodle will be grown full at 12 months, and it can stop growing when they reach the age of 2 years.

               Goldendoodle         Approximate Height
Miniature Goldendoodle               13-20 Inches
Medium Goldendoodle               15-20 Inches
Standard Goldendoodle               20-24 Inches
Small Standard Goldendoodle               17-20 Inches
Large Standard Goldendoodle               20-24 Inches

Different Sizes of Goldendoodles

Goldendoodles are different in size, and their size depends upon their age and the environment they are growing. The weight and size of a Goldendoodle when they reach maturity depend upon the type of poodle used during breeding.

When do Goldendoodles stop growing? Some Goldendoodles show late growth due to their health-related issues. If your Goldendoodle is acting behavior weirdly, like dogs sometimes spraying a lot or have irregular eating habits, then you must consult to vet.

1. Toy Goldendoodle

Toy Goldendoodle mostly shows a height of 13-15 inches and almost 20 pounds. They show slow growth, which may be related to their health issues or the environment they live in.

2. Mini Goldendoodle

Mini Goldendoodles are much bigger, and they show a height of 16-20 inches and weight up to 36 pounds.

3. Medium Goldendoodle

Medium Goldendoodle is much larger, and they show a height of almost 17-20. Their weight is also between 36 to 50 pounds.

4. Standard Goldendoodle

Standard Goldendoodles are the biggest among other breeds as they are crossed with full-sized poodles. These dogs have a height of 22 inches when they are fully grown. Their weight lies between 50 to 85 pounds, and the males usually weigh more than female dogs.

What to Feed Your Goldendoodle Puppy in their Growing Phase

All puppies require a different combination of nutrients in their diets. If your dogs don’t get the proper nutrients, they can develop specific health issues like bone and joint problems. Nutrition has a direct impact on the growth of your dog.

When dogs don’t get enough nutrients, they start showing behavior like eating paper. Nutrition and diet both have a direct impact on your dog’s growth, so you must be very careful. If you don’t know when your doodle has reached maturity, then take him to the vet and get a diet plan for them.

Start giving them adult food and make sure to notice any allergy or other issues they have once you change their diet. Don’t feed them any food which can cause stomach issues in your dog.

How to Predict the Adult Side of Goldendoodle

You probably know the paw size formula if you are a dog owner. It is unreliable in predicting adult size because the paw size varies from one breed to another. Here are some ways to find out the adult size of Goldendoodle.

1. 6 Week Formula

For a toy or smaller breeds, you can take your dog’s weight at the age of 6 weeks and then double it to get a rough idea about their final size. For example, if your 6-week-old puppy weighs 6 pounds, double this weight, 12 pounds.

2. 14 Week Formula

You can use the formula for medium and large breeds when weighing your puppy at 14 weeks. After that, double this number and then add half of the original weight. If your puppy weighed 10 pounds, you should double this number, giving you 20 pounds and adding half of the actual weight. Your puppy will be 25 pounds once fully grown.

3. Divide Weight with Age

If you know how big your Goldendoodle will be once fully grown, you can use this formula to get its adult size. Use the weight of small breed at 12 weeks, medium at 16 weeks, and large breed at 20 weeks. Once you get your puppy’s weight, divide it with your age.

4. 6 Month Formula

Most of the puppies get their height of 75% when they reach the age of 6 months. Note the puppy’s height at six months and multiply the weight by 100. Now divide the result by 75, and you will get the total size of your Goldendoodle.

Do Female and Male Goldendoodle grow the same size?

There is always a height difference between male and female Goldendoodle. Their height doesn’t depend upon the species, and you will notice that females are smaller in size and weight than males.

If you look at standard Goldendoodle, the size difference is not huge. There could be a difference of 20-30 pounds in healthy male and female Goldendoodle weight.

Wrapping Up:

When do Goldendoodles stop growing? Goldendoodles are the most favorite dogs as a pet because of their loving nature. They love to spend time with you and play in your yard the whole day. They grow and develop at different rates, and you can keep an eye on their growth rate.

If you have no idea about their weight and height, you can take them to the vet. Your Goldendoodle can grow full in 14-16 months, but it mostly depends on their breed and gender.

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