why do Cat Collars have Bell

Why do Cat Collars have Bells?

Why do cat collars have bells? Cat is one of the most loved pets, and people prefer to have cats in their homes. Having a cat is a huge responsibility as they need food, shelter, toys to live inside your house. You have to provide a calm and spacious environment for your cat to play, sleep and eat.

Cats wear collars and bells but not due to fashion. If you have experienced living with an indoor cat, you probably know why cats wear bells and collars. You have to take care of your in-house cat to avoid getting lost, and collars and bells help you in this case.

Why do Indoor Cats need to Wear Collars?

If you have an indoor cat, you are worried about leaving the front door and getting lost in the streets. Indoor cats don’t know how to survive and live outside the home, so they need protection. It is a great idea to put a collar on your cat and make sure that it has ID tags that contain your current home location.

If your cat escapes outdoors, proper identification can help your cat get home faster. Bells are mostly used indoors or when you go for a walk with your cat in the park. Bells can help you do your work while keeping an eye on your cat.

Pet owners mostly use bells instead of collars to know their in-house cat. Whenever your cat tries to run past the front door, you can hear the bell and stop them from going outside. It is not easy to get along with cats, but you have to train them to wear bells and collars.

Why do Cat Collars have Bells?

Bells on your cat’s collar serve many purposes. Bells are of great importance; they remind us of doing things on time and alert us in many cases. Pet owners put the bell on their pets to know the location of their pet in the house.

If you are a cat owner, microchips are used to locate, but this is way too advanced and expensive. You can stick to the old collar and bell method to protect your cat.

Here are a few reasons why it is good and safe to put a bell on your pet’s collar.

1. Help To Locate Your Cat

Cats are mischievous animals, and they like to wander here and there. They often found themselves in strange places or weird hiding-outs. They are always playing with something new and are quite curious about their surroundings.

Whether you live in a small apartment or a big house, you probably know that your cat is good at playing hide and seek. You need to know the location of your cat even when you are in the next room or the kitchen.

2. Alert other Animals

Putting a bell on your cat’s collar is a good option because the sound of the bell alerts other pets or birds. Cats are natural predators, and sometimes indoor cats also like to go outside and look for prey. This habit of cats can endanger many modern birds, reptiles, insects, etc. To avoid this, you can tie the bell around the neck of your cat.

Sometimes cats find those bells annoying, making them uncomfortable, and they don’t leave the house. Bells can help control the hunting habit of your cat and save other animals.

3. Prevent them from Destroying your Things

Every house has places where pets and children are not allowed. These are the places where you put your expensive and delicate things so that they won’t break. Cats like to wander and discover new things, which means they go into your bedroom or storeroom.

To prevent the cats from going inside those rooms, tie a bell around their neck so that you can hear their bell and know when they are about to enter the bedroom or storeroom.

4. Keep Them in House

Your in-house cat needs to stay indoors. The outside world is new to almost all indoor cats, and there are chances that they might get lost or get under the bus when they go outside on the street. Bells and collars are the best way to keep them safe inside.

Having an indoor cat means you have a lot of responsibilities to handle. Always close the front door so your cat won’t leave the house. For precaution, you can also use the bells on their collars to know when they try to leave the house and stop them from going outside.

5. Aesthetics

Why do cat collars have bells? Some cats like to wear a bell on their collars despite the noise of the bell. Collar-bell combination can make your cat looks cool, and they also feel good. A colorful collar and a fancy bell will help your cat stand out in the crowd. You can buy a bell depending upon the looks of the collar or on the cat’s personality.

As the cat owner, it’s more of your choice if you want your cat to wear a bell, then train them to wear a bell and feel good and comfortable in it.

What Types of Collars Looks Good with Bells?

Many collars are available in the market, depending upon size and color. Here are the three most used collars by pet owners, and they also look good when you tie a bell around them.

  • Stretchy Collars: These collars are made of plastic, and if they catch on to something, they won’t break. You can buy a bell and hang it on the collar.
  • Buckle Collars: Buckle collars are the traditional type of collars, and they don’t release If got caught on something. They also look good with the bell, and your cat looks cool.
  • Breakaway Collars: They are also called safety collars. They have a clip instead of the buckle, made to release if the collar is being pulled.

Why Should I not Put a bell or collar on my Cat?

Everything has its positive and negative effects. Having a bell or collar is good for your in-house cat, but sometimes, it might harm your pet if you are careless.

1. Bell Can be Annoying

Hearing a bell all the time not only irritates you but also can annoy your cat. If your cat remains annoyed for a long time, then there is a fair chance that it might develop aggressive behaviors. An indoor cat needs a calm and safe space, so sometimes not having a bell is a good option for your cat.

2. Bells can Pose a Threat

When you get is angry or extremely motivated, they may try to get rid of the collar. The cats will probably chew or use force to remove the bell and collar. Chewing the collar and bell is not good for their health, and if your cat succeeds in removing the bell, they might try to chew eat, which increases the chances of choking.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Happens when you don’t have a bell or collar on your cat?

It is important for your cat’s safety that you buy a collar or bell for your cat. When busy doing chores, cats sometimes try to leave the house and go outside. For the house cat, it is dangerous to be on the street due to wild animals and tons of traffic. Remember to keep the main door shut and take your cat with you to play or walk. Not having a collar or bell might pose a serious threat to your cat’s safety.

2. How long does it take for a cat to get used to a collar

It can take a few days for a cat to become accustomed to wearing a collar. They need to be gradually introduced to it and then have time to adjust before being left out of the house wearing it. If a collar is forced on a cat, they will never get used to it. De-sensitising a cat to the collar is also possible, but again it takes time.

Wrapping Up:

Why do cat collars have bells? Cats are very interesting pets, and they like to play all day. They are the most curious creatures and love to hide in the corners of your house. You have to keep an eye on them, and for that purpose, you need a collar and bell to know where your cat is.

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