why does my cat attack my feet

Why Does my Cat Attack my Feet?

Why does my cat attack my feet? If you are a cat owner, you have already experienced your cat attacking your feet. You also have experienced where you are comfortably lying in your bed, and your cat jumps on the bed and pounces your feet.

Their biting and scratching is not normal behavior, and you have to put an end if your cat has already developed the habit of attacking your feet. There might be a reason why does your cat attacks your feet. Observe if your cat starts attacking your feet.

Why Does my Cat Attack my Feet?

Being a cat owner, the most frequent question you hear is why my cat attacks my feet. If your cat does this occasionally, it means it is playing and just having fun. But if your cat is doing this daily, you have to observe and find out why it is doing this.

It may be because something is bothering them, and they are just getting your attention. Attacking your feet may also be their aggressive behavior due to health issues.

Here is the list of reasons that make your cat show such aggressive behavior.

1. Playing

The most common reason your cat attacks your feet is that they consider your feet a toy and might be playing with them. If cats start biting or hurting your feet, then stop their behavior. But if they are doing it playfully and it doesn’t harm you, let them play for some time. In any case, don’t encourage their behavior for a long time.

2. Intimidation

For a cat owner, it is not easy to get along with cats at first. They take time to get comfortable in their new home with you. Sometimes when you touch your cat, they start attacking your feet, which means that they feel uncomfortable with you. Spend some time learning the behavior of cats, approach them with care, and don’t be harsh on them. Intimidation is another common reason your cat often bites or scratches your feet.

3. Attention

If you have noticed that your cat appears to be attacking your feet from past days, you are busy and not paying enough attention to him. Your cat is looking for attention from you and wants to play with you. Cat also shows this attitude when they want your attention to do something like to eat a treat or to get into a closed room. Try to identify the scenarios and link them with their habit to find the exact reason behind biting your feet.

4. Health Issues

Some medical issues can make your cat more aggressive than routine, and they start showing strange habits like stray cats. Your cat might lash out at your feet and try to tell you the pain it is going through. For example, hyperthyroidism is a condition that makes your cat more aggressive. If you notice other symptoms and feet biting, immediately take your cat to the vet to figure out any health issues.

5. Out of Boredom

Why does my cat attack my feet? If your cat is bored from the past few days and never got a chance to play with you, she might be attacking your feet out of boredom. Bored cats are likely to find new and unique ways of playing with you, including biting your feet. If your cat is frustrated and attacking you more often, take your time and play with her.

6. Hunting

Hunting is another top reason why your cat attacks your feet. Besides the domestication of cats, they still enjoy attacking your feet. Cats are good hunters, so there might be a chance that they consider your feet a mouse or a rabbit. Notice if your cat is stalking you especially looking to your feet. If you wear fuzzy slippers, cats get curious and try to attack or bite slippers. This behavior of cats is more common in younger and indoor cats.

How to Avoid the Feet Biting

It is essential to get rid of the habit of biting your cat. Cat’s biting can be painful and leave marks, so you can use some simple techniques to make them stay away from your feet.

1. Ignore

At first, don’t make a big deal out of this and ignore them when they attach your feet. Sometimes ignoring them helps, and they eventually stop after attacking 2-3 times. If you stop reacting and carefully remove yourself from this situation, your cat will learn to stop.

2. Discourage

The problem with ignoring is that your cat might continue to attack your feet when you move. The best way to deal with this situation is to distract her with an unusual sound. You can also snap your fingers and ask them to go away. Get the attention of your cat and discourage their behavior by saying no to them.

3. Redirect

You can also study their attacking behavior and find out the cause of this problem. Once you have figured out what is wrong with your cat, try to make them stop. You can use a toy to distract your cat from encouraging chasing instead of biting and attacking. Find out what your cat likes and entertain her the same way.

What to do when your Cat show more Aggressive behavior than Usual?

When your cat starts showing too much aggressive behavior, consult your vet to know about the health conditions. The vet can easily explain why your cat is more aggressive than usual. Understand your cat’s body language and try to determine what behavior is expected and aggressive.

Cats often bit and scratch your feet when they crave attention from you. Either they want tasty treats or enjoy a fun day of playing with you. Never ignore your pet’s behavior and try to understand if there is a medical issue or not. You can also take your cat to the vet to get advice if necessary.

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