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7 Best Fire Hydrants for Dogs

Are you looking for the best fire hydrants for dogs? We all know dogs have a long history of peeing on anything, including trees, mailboxes, grass, or even on your bed. Being a dog owner, I know all the struggles I went through when buying a fire hydrant for my dog.

Dogs mostly pee on upright objects, and no matter how to teach them to pee on a regular spot, they don’t listen. All dogs show this same behavior, and there is no restriction to any dog’s age and breed. I learned about living with my dog because peeing means marking territory for them, which is their comfort zone.

There are other factors on why dogs pee everywhere or develop a habit of spraying. If you are annoyed with this habit, you should first train them not to pee anywhere except in one or two specific places. Second, get a fire hydrant and introduce them to pee there and not anywhere else.

Where Most of the Dog Pee?

All dogs love to pee in the garden, which is one of their favorite place to pee. If you have a beautiful yard full of flowers and plants, their pee will destroy the plants, and your yard starts looking old after some weeks.

If you want your yard to look beautiful and fresh, install a fire hydrant for dogs. You can train your dog to pee only in the fire hydrant efficiently. The successful result of these products made them so famous and helpful from past years.

Dogs pee mostly in fire hydrants, and their primary purpose is to show other dogs their power, and peeing in a hydrant means marking their territory around it. Dogs like to look bigger and more dominant, so they peed on upright objects; that’s why they don’t pee on flat surfaces or objects.

Best Fire Hydrants for Dogs

Dogs have a long history of peeing on the fire hydrant, and they are considered dogs’ favorite places to pee. Having a fire hydrant for your dog is a good addition to your garden as well. There are so many models of a fire hydrant for dogs in the market but finding the one that suits your dog might take time.

Suppose you adopted a dog for the first time and have no idea how to buy a fire hydrant; follow this guide and choose the one that best suits your dog and yard. If you get a fire hydrant with storage space, you can easily store pet food pet toys for your dog.

1. Design Toscano DC122012

Design Toscano fire hydrant looks like one of those vintage collectibles that can add beauty to your yard. This fire hydrant is designed to be your dog’s pee post so you can keep it either inside or outside. Toscano comes with indoor storage space for keeping the supplies of your dog.

FIREFIGHTER’S BEST FRIEND: vintage items make great birthday presents for firefighters and portable ornaments to be the central part of your Christmas village’s display, or even office garbage containers when filled to capacity
Perfect PUPPY PEE POST – This fireman’s water fountain with multiple uses is ideal for markers of pee for training potty in your outdoor dog’s backyard or as a beautiful container to store doggie toys, supplies and leashes
Quality METAL DECOR – Made with genuine metal construction our dog-friendly fire hydrant is hand-painted in an old-fashioned rustic red hue for a vintage look

The body of the Toscano fire hydrant is made with real metal, and it is painted red to give it a decorative look. You can potty train your dog on this hydrant and get rid of the habit where they pee everywhere. Once your dog develops a habit of peeing on this hydrant, they feel more comfortable and happier in your house.


  • It can be placed both inside and outside
  • A good storage container
  • Tall enough for larger dogs


  • It might be too lightweight
  • The red color will fade over time
  • It is expensive

2. Mayrich Dog Fire Hydrant

Mayrich fire hydrant is one of the models with a classic design and overall nice appearance. The material is made of metal, which means it has great strength and quality. This fire hydrant is designed for dogs of every size, so if you have dogs of different sizes, then Mayrich is a good fit.

Dogs easily get attached to this hydrant due to its old-looking appearance. Possible water damage can cause issues, and its surface becomes rustic or weary over a few weeks. You have to drill a hole or fill it with concrete to stay in one place because of its lightweight.


  • Easy to transport
  • Durable and have a sturdy base
  • Easy to transport


  • It might be too lightweight
  • Paint gets easily chipped
  • Possible water damages

3. Lulind Dog Fire Hydrant

Lulind dog fire hydrant comes in bright red with two stakes to be kept outside correctly. The total length of this hydrant is 14 inches, and it has a sturdy base. It is made of metal and resin, and UV-resistant paint is used. Due to its realistic looks, you can place it both outside or inside where it suits you and your dog.

You can buy this fire hydrant if you have a small dog because it’s delicate and gets damaged easily. The design for this hydrant is entirely to attract puppies to pee on it. You have to be careful while placing it because the stakes are too loose; you might break them.


  • Painted with UV resistant paint
  • Have stakes to keep it in place
  • Safe for both indoors and outdoors


  • Small for Larger Dogs
  • It might get damaged easily
  • Stakes are not strong

4. Turtle King Fire Hydrant

Turtle king fire hydrant is 14 inches tall with a flat and sturdy base. The base is designed so that the hydrant looks like it is sitting on stone and glass. The material used in the construction of this hydrant is polyresin which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is designed in a way that helps your dog get potty trained.

This fire hydrant is lighter, which means it is too lightweight and unsuitable during the windy season. Dogs develop weird habits like eating paper, knocking over things, etc. There is a chance your dog knocked over turtle king, which can damage or break something off.


  • Sturdy base
  • It can be used both inside and outside
  • A good decoration for your yard


  • Lightweight for extreme weather
  • Could be shipped damaged
  • Smaller Size

5. Rolner Dog Fire Hydrant

Rolner dog fire hydrant has an appealing design that can attract your dog and make him pee right there on the hydrant. This hydrant comes with three plastic stakes, which provide Rolner the support to fit into the ground. Rolner Dog fire hydrant is durable and has robust resin construction. It is safe for both indoor and house door use.

The stakes are made up of plastic which can easily break if you use the hammer to fit this hydrant into the ground. There are loosely attached metal base clips that make this hydrant fragile.


  • Appealing design
  • It can be used both Inside and Outside
  • Resin construction


  • Too Fragile
  • Loosely attached plastic stakes

6. Collectible Badges 17” Metal Dog Fire Hydrant

One of the most realistic and well-made fire hydrants you can buy for your dog is collectible badges metal dog fire hydrant. This hydrant is suitable for all dog sizes. If you want to buy a hydrant for the first time, go with it as it is cheap and has fewer maintenance issues.

Collectible badges sometimes don’t add beauty to your yard because of their design. If you live in an area with humidity and wind, avoid buying this hydrant. It is too lightweight for the windy season.


  • Durable and strong
  • Value for money
  • Well designed


  • Won’t go with every yard
  • Not suitable for the windy season

7. Fire Hydrant Statue Dog Training

This model is specially developed for the training of dogs. This high-quality unit has been cast in resin, and its attention to paint finishing is good. The hydrant is well protected, and it can withstand all types of weather. You can use this hydrant in any garden or even inside your lounge.

Fire hydrant statue dog training is only available in one size, which is a difficult purchase if you have dogs of different heights and sizes. This hydrant is fragile when it comes in contact with a hard thing.


  • Unique design than other hydrants
  • Good paint finishing
  • Cast in resin


  • Fragile upon impact
  • Have fix size

Factors You Should Consider While Buying the Best Fire Hydrant for Dogs

You can’t just show up looking for a fire hydrant in the market. It would help if you had proper research and considered various factors before buying any fire hydrant for your dog. You can go online to look through multiple websites or ask your family or friends who have already purchased this fire hydrant.

Proper research is very important, but you might also want to consider your dog’s interest. If your dog has an irregular habit of peeing anywhere, then you must get a fire hydrant and train him to pee on it. If your dog is not interested and has a specific place where he pees, buying a fire hydrant might be costly.

Here are some of the important factors you need to consider before buying a good fire hydrant.

1. Brand Value

Technology and innovations have made all of our brand conscious. Whenever we go outside to buy a thing, we prefer to buy a branded item because it comes with all guarantees. If you are looking to buy a fire hydrant for your dog, then make your purchase from a well-reputed brand to avoid any trouble.

2. Product Value

Besides brand value, product value is also important if you want to buy something. A value of the product is generated when many customers buy that product and give a good feedback about it. You can search the market for the fire hydrant whose product value is higher than other brands.

3. Specifications and Features

If you are looking for a good product at a reasonable price, you must conduct proper research on the features and specifications of the product. Every fire hydrant has unique features which are beneficial in certain conditions. If the specifications match your requirement, buy that fire hydrant for your dog.

4. Quality

If you purchase a poor-quality hydrant, your time and money will be wasted. Quality matters a lot when buying something that could last for years. Check the quality of the fire hydrant before purchasing. If you think the quality and price are reasonable for that product, go for it.

5. Customer Reviews

Customers’ reviews are very important because they use that product and give feedback. Don’t go with suggestions if you are buying some expensive product. Customer reviews are genuine, and consider them while buying a fire hydrant.

Installing Fire Hydrants for Dogs

You have to find the proper method for installing fire hydrants for dogs. Here are some simple factors you need to consider while installing a fire hydrant.

  • Install your fire hydrant in a spot with good drainage to avoid collecting water at one place during rain. You can also use drainage holes for proper drainage and use artificial grass to make the place look more natural.
  • Place or install your fire hydrant away from flowers and plants so that dogs pee won’t damage them.
  • Install the hydrant near the trash can so that you can quickly dispose of waste material.
  • Ensure that the hydrant you buy for your dog lasts as long as possible. For that purpose, you can add a protective layer over it to prevent it from weather conditions or any other damage.


Being a pet owner myself, I tried many fire hydrants over the past years to get the best one for my dog. I recommend the Design Toscano DC122012 fire hydrant, which is suitable for both inside and outside and has storage space for my dog’s supplies. It has a perfect height and is ideal for dogs of different sizes. Its quality is amazing, and its vintage look gives an antique perspective to my yard.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Train My Dog to Pee on Fire Hydrant?

Start putting a fire hydrant pee pad for your dog to attract him towards the fire hydrant. It is natural for dogs to mark their territory, and most dogs do this by peeing on the new fire hydrant. When your dog sees the fire hydrant, he will pee to mark its territory, so train them to make this their routine. When you notice your dog is about to pee, take them outside to the hydrant.

2. Is it essential for a Dog owner to Buy a Fire Hydrant?

Buying a fire hydrant for you is your choice. Not every house needs a fire hydrant, and many dogs are already trained to pee outside the house in a specific place. Using a fire hydrant gave them a place to mark their territory. Young male dogs are more likely to pee on hydrants than female dogs. If your dog won’t have an issue peeing on the mark you set for them, then there is no need to buy a fire hydrant.

Wrapping Up:

Are you worried that your dog might pee anywhere in the house? If yes, then officially, you are the pet owner and have to take care of such things daily. Dogs are very friendly pets, but they do have bad habits, and one of the bad habits is that they pee anywhere they like. You can take care of this issue by training them to pee on fire hydrants.

Dogs like to pee upright, so a fire hydrant is the best place for them to pee. If you want to buy a good fire hydrant, see the above recommendations. Every fire hydrant has its advantage and disadvantage. You can select a suitable fire hydrant for your yard that fulfills your requirement. Many fire hydrants came with storage space which you can use to store their food items or other supplies.

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