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Best Grass for Dogs to Create a Dog-Friendly Lawn

Do you know the best grass for dogs? Dogs are the best pets; they bond with their owners and make good companions. You can play with them and train them to walk and have a good time with you.

Dogs are more maintenance than cats, so you have to take great care while creating a comfortable place. They also eat a specific food, so if you are buying a dog, make sure to buy their favorite food and toys.

Best Grass for Dogs

Nothing is relaxing than playing with your dog in the yard. You can play fetch or a game of tag in your yard with your pet.

All playing and running in your yard can wear down its appearance. Dogs love to run in an empty grass field which can turn green grass into a sad yellow color. So, it’s better to choose the best grass for dogs.

The type of grass has a big impact on the appearance of your yard. The type of grass decides its appearance and ability to withstand running and playing. Your yard must look lush and green so that your pets can enjoy their time playing there.

Here is the list of the best grass dogs to help you create a dog-friendly lawn.

1. Kentucky Bluegrass

If your dog runs a lot, you have to worry about the quality of grass because after some time, grass will wear out, and your yard will look old.

Kentucky bluegrass is durable and beautiful grass. It is a thick and fast-growing grass that can create a beautiful yard for your dog. This grass can grow in all seasons and remain good and fresh in winter.

Sun ExposureSoil Needs
Full sun to partial sunAcidic to neutral

If you want a beautiful garden with a unique blue-hued blade of grass, go with Kentucky bluegrass.

2. Fescue Grass

If you have an active dog who loves to roam around your home and yard multiple times a day, then fescue grass is for you. This grass is absorbent and handles the dog’s urine.

Many varieties of fescue grass are easy to plant, grow and maintain. Some varieties require more nutrients and care to survive.

Sun ExposureSoil Needs
Shade to sun Neutral

If you have a big dog, fescue is the best grass for making a dog-friendly lawn.

3. Bermuda Grass

Bermuda is also a popular choice among the best grass for dogs. It is most popular in warmer regions because it needs supplemental irrigation. It tolerates dogs running and playing very well.

During winters, Bermuda grass turns brown during the winter season and becomes dormant. It has a deep root system which makes it a sturdy and good choice for golf courses and sports fields.

Sun ExposureSoil Needs
Full Sun Slightly acidic to Neutral

If you are busy and don’t have time to water your yard every day, go with Bermuda grass because it doesn’t require frequent watering.

4. Zoysia Grass

Zoysia is perfect grass for high paw traffic, and it is dense and luxurious. Zoysia is best for warmer seasons because it doesn’t require much water. Once you grow this grass, it is very durable and gives your dog a soft surface under its paws.

Zoysia takes time to grow fully, but it will give you a rich lawn to enjoy with your dog.

Sun ExposureSoil Needs
Full sun to partial shade Slightly acidic to Neutral

If you are looking for the best grass for your dog, consider Zoysia to get a beautiful garden.

5. Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial ryegrass is a great choice if more than one dog or a large dog. It is very hardy and tolerates all the running and playing of your dogs.

This grass does very well in colder climates stays green and lush in winters. This grass doesn’t need too much fertilizer, nutrients. Care and water to grow. Perennial ryegrass is easy to maintain.

Sun ExposureSoil Needs
Sun to partial shade Slightly acidic to Neutral

Choose the best grass for your dog so that they can enjoy their time with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Dogs Destroy Lawns?

Dogs can damage grass, and you must notice that your dog is damaging your yard. You can take steps to protect your lawn and use grass best suited to your dog. They can destroy lawns by:

  • Popping
  • Peeing
  • Digging
  • Running

2. What Factors do you Consider to Make a Dog Proof Lawn?

It would help if you considered many factors to make a dog-proof lawn. First, you need to consider the grass, which has a good rapid growth rate, like when your dog damages your grass by running, the grass has a rapid growth rate.

The second factor you need to consider is going with grass with a deep root system that can adjust well with weather changes and recover quickly.

The third factor is always choosing the grass well suited to your area’s climate. Give your lawn time and the best chances of survival and the amount of sun exposure they need.

3. How can You Keep your Grass Beautiful?

No matter what type of grass you choose for your lawn, you have to take a few steps to keep your yard beautiful and prevent it from getting damaged by your dog. You can:

  • Pick up your dog’s poop
  • Dilute your dog’s pee
  • Don’t let your dog play on wet grass
  • Give the grass a better chance to recover

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Wrapping Up:

If you have a dog, you know how important it is to have a lawn in your home. Always choose the best grass for dogs if you want to create a dog-friendly lawn.

There are many types of grasses that make a beautiful lawn, but you have to consider other factors such as climate, water availability, type of land to choose a perfect grass. Choose a grass with a rapid growth rate, deep root system and go best with your area’s climate.

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